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97Tags.com Introduces Sponsored Tags With SEO Advantage

June 29, 2006 by Mainak Biswas under News @ Indus308 views
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Tags and social networking are the rage of present time. 97tags.com has introduced a unique opportunity to sponsor a tag with a direct link to the client web site, offering distinct SEO benefits.

Social networking and tagging are the hottest trends in the present time. While there are hundreds or even thousands of entries under a tag in these sites, 97tags.com has introduced a novel concept allowing a website owner to fully own a tag so that a click on the tag takes the visitor directly to the sponsoring website.

These links are direct links without the nofollow directive, allowing the client site to fully enjoy the search engine ranking benefit. “We made sure that there are lesser than 100 links on the page so that the clients can get proper SEO advantage from the link”, reported Arun Agrawal. “You don’t even need to have a website. Just claim a popular tag, then point it to an affiliate link to drive the traffic to your favorite merchants’ sites”, he added.

The promoters of the site are utilizing a multi-media approach of incoming links, press releases and blogs to make the 97tags.com site popular and make it worthwhile for the tag owners to own a tag here.

Some of the tags have already been taken. CTS Wholesale sunglasses acquired ‘sunglasses’. “We suggest the prospective investors to register their favorite tags quickly to avoid disappointment, as there are only 97 tags in total” commented Abhishek Rungta.

This website is remotely inspired by the concept of the ‘million dollar home page’ promoted by a British student but offers high quality text links arranged in a tag cloud like the ones on social bookmarking sites. The tags are randomly displayed and it is possible to highlight the tags with effects like bold, italics, color and mouseover text.

“We plan to introduce several niche sites with similar basic concept in the near future and will give preference to those who have invested in 97tags”, signed off Arun and Abhishek.

About 97tags.com

This site offers niche tags for purchase by Internet marketers who can get the tag pointed exclusively to their own sites or their favorite affiliate URLs. The site can be reached at http://www.97tags.com

Contact Information:
Arun Agrawal
Phone: +91.98310.27107

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