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Bon Voyage Dan !

December 10, 2006 by Mainak Biswas under News @ Indus254 views
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Mr. Daniel Connor, our long time customer from USA decided to pay us a visit this week for a project that he was doing and also for meeting his team members. His trip lasted for 6 days in all and although the first 5 days was all business, we decided to go out and have some fun on the last day.

We took him out for shopping and he bought a lot of ethnic Indian stuff for his family. Here are some key things he was interested in buying:

1. Silk Sarees for his wife and two daughters
2. Statue of Ganesha (Which he referred to as Elephant God !)
3. Decorative items for his House
4. Traditional Indian outfit for his 8 years old son
5. Bollywood movies which are dubbed in English

At the end of his shopping spree, We decided to present him a traditional Indian “Sherwani”. He did liked one – Here are some pictures:




























It was fun day in all. I think he enjoyed it as well !

His visit was a great opportunity for both our companies to know each other better and strengthen the bond. We charted our plans for future development and his existing team was expanded.

What struck me in particular about Dan was his decisiveness – he was one of those kind of guys who make up their mind instantly about things and then stick to their decisions. Overall, it was a great pleasure to meet him.

Bon Voyage Dan and see you again in June !

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