Responsive E-Governance Solutions for Streamlined Operations

Citizens today demand greater government responsiveness, transparency and increased access to information, making it imperative for administrations across the globe to provide services promptly and in a cost-effective manner.

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The Challenges & Opportunities


  • Poor delivery of citizen services due to lack of direct connectivity
  • Administrative corruption due to the absence of mechanisms to trace decisions and actions.Inefficient complaint handling
  • Inefficient reporting and analysis due to slow manual processing
  • Disconnection between various government departments
  • Information overload to maintain compliance with laws, regulation and policies
  • Low utilization of workforce productivity


  • Web and mobile-enabled government 2.0 services provide a G2C interface enabling anytime, anywhere access to information
  • IT-enabled tracking of decisions and actions to enforce accountability and transparency; IT grievance system for better complaint handling
  • Centralized and integrated data for better audit and analysis. Faster turnaround
  • Focus on content management. Digitize information so that it can be shared across departments
  • Create low-cost, accessible archives to comply with regulations and mandate retention of government record
  • Workforce modernization & deployment of Project management tools helps removes duplication of effort to increase productivity and enable faster decision-making

Business Value Proposition

INT’s e-Governance solution(s) with a specialized blend of consulting, technology, digital marketing & mobility platform enablement helps government agencies to gain a strategic competitive advantage and to solve their business challenges, in the following ways:


  • Customer Self-service portals

  • Low cost of customer acquisition

  • Efficient reporting

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Automation of business operations

  • MTA Management

  • Improved Regulatory compliance

  • Boost Market Share

  • Convenient On-demand Customer Service

  • Payment

  • Mobile platform for flexibility of access

  • Quote and Buy

  • Integrated Communication system

  • Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

  • Faster Claim management

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness and conversion


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