First Flush

We are looking for YOU! Yes You

  • Believes in Speed

    You are now thinking you have speed or not? Oh it’s simple, if you love PUBG Game, you have it. Just kidding! Playing games help you make faster decisions but never thought of applying these talents to different things. Whether you’re a gamer or not, we can help you develop them naturally into a meaningful career where you can use them to excel.

  • Eat, Sleep & Lives Passion

    Finding passion is difficult but if you’ve ever played music then you know how to live your passion. Whether you’re a musician, sports freak or just an avid reader, at Indus Net we can help you develop them naturally into a meaningful career where you can use them to fly in the field of your choice. First step for a larger goal.

  • Energy To Achieve

    We’re all curious to know about certain things but often dry out due to lack of direction. You are a free spirit with the imagination, the confidence and the creativity to try new things and go new places. If you’ve a curious mind, then we’re curious to see if you can apply it to anything.

So Here is Your Journey

  • #1

    Opportunity to make a difference. Give meaning to your career.

  • #2

    Technically and business-wise challenging projects to bring the best out of you. At the cutting edge of technology & business innovation.

  • #3

    Flat org hierarchy. Accessible top management. Professional, yet friendly work culture. More responsibility & leadership opportunities.

  • #4

    Rewarding pay structure and benefits. On-time salary for the last 21 years.

  • #5

    Working for top brands. Yes we are already winning against top companies.

  • #6

    Global opportunities. International career and on-site opportunities.

  • #7

    Entrepreneurial opportunities. Build a business inside an established business!

  • #8

    Off Hour Allowances- We value your dedication towards work and thus have reimbursement benefits for special occasions or emergencies.

  • #9

    Weekends Off- All work and no play makes a mind dull and boring. Weekends are off for your relaxation. Enjoy!

  • #10

    Leaves- Apart from the standard leaves, go woo-hoo with the special leaves like Marriage Leaves, Maternity Leaves, and Paternity Leaves.

  • #11

    Rewards & Recognitions- Your dedication and hard work will never go unnoticed, we appreciate talents with ‘WOW’ and ‘MAD’ awards.

  • #12

    Learn while you Earn- INT provides a traineeship programme at the Indus Net Academy. The best way to learn and earn at the same time.

  • #13

    Mediclaim - Falling sick is no more your problem! We share your expenses at Indus Net Technologies with cashless & reimbursement.

  • #14

    Fun @Work - Work in a fun-filled environment with monthly, quarterly and annual parties waiting to unnerve your senses. We also host events to discuss about the growth and achievements of the company.

  • #15

    Flexi-Timing - We know how you stream through traffic to reach work on time! Thus, we have flexible work hours. All you need to do is clock 9 hours @work.

So Why Should You Join Us