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Hilarious copyright infringement

March 12, 2008 by Mainak Biswas under News @ Indus Offshore outsourcing Reviews1,075 views
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There are hundreds of companies who are copying us – our business model, our web site design, our style of doing business, etc. Though we do not like it, we consider it as a form of appreciation and ignore most of the times.

However this one stumps everyone else! This hilarious copyright infringement was done by a “reputed” Kolkata based company. They went to the limit of copying our D&B number which is a unique number assigned to a company by Duns & Bradstreet.

The DUNS number 91-848-3439 belongs to Indus Net Technologies and it can be independently verified with D&B (which of course is a reputed agency).

While copying (or let us say ripping off) our website, they even copied our DUNS number and are openly publishing it on their website. The funniest part is that they continue to do this even after getting a legal notice! I salute their arrogance. I hope they do not pass on the blame to their designer. They have given full support to this illegal activity by ignoring the legal notices sent to them. So I  wish that the ignorant designer is not fired who did what he was asked to do – i.e. to copy our website content and use.

Best of luck to them! This won’t help in growing the company for long.


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