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Korean Web Designers: Setting up a new design trend

May 24, 2007 by Mainak Biswas under Portfolio Web design1,020 views
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While talking about design of websites, style of layout, presentation, colour theme, imageries/illustrations play vital roles as content, usability, accessibility etc. And we have always noticed a “trend” goes on in the industry and most of us follow the same, some or the other way. For example web 2.0 is in these days and we can see hundreds of sites going for that style.

Korean designers are somehow kept themselves away from this “let’s-follow-the-trend” syndrome and have created their own style. The examples of such web designs can be found at http://www.dbcut.com.

They are fresh, bright, free-flowing, rich (at the same time there are lots of eye space) and colourful. Illustrations are beautiful and informative. The interactivity of the sites are also something to watch for. People can debate about usability and user friendliness, but I think beautiful looking sites with out-of-the-box design style can win the heart of users and get sales as well. You will love to be at those sites and feel naturally interested.

Thanks a lot Korean friends, you have shown that web design can be like interactive presentation as well!

Have a look at http://www.dbcut.com.

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