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January 09, 2007 by Mainak Biswas under News @ Indus260 views
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Submit was first opened for business in October of 2003. Prior to that we were focused mainly on web design services. The size of the company was about 18 people with equal number of both web designers and web developers. was made to serve one purpose above all i.e. to market web programming services.

The design of the old website itself was mainly around getting organic traffic through SEO. We created a lot of pages around topics that were popular keywords i.e. custom web development, PHP programming, .net programming, oscommerce customization etc. Our strategy was simple, we wanted a visitor to come to our website on a landing page that is specific to their search term and then chances are that they will place an enquiry with us. The conversion rate was also worked out and we knew how much traffic we wanted so as to have “X” number of inquiries in a month.

Overall, the website contained around 100 pages, if not more. After around 3 months, our efforts started paying off. We ranked #1 for a quite a lot of keywords that we targeted. I think it was probably in middle of 2005 that Google updated its algorithm (Florida Update) and we lost a lot of rankings and traffic to that. But, the site still continued to attract a lot of traffic. In the past 3 years the site has done a good job for us. It generated around 60,000 unique visits annually and we got to a level where we had the largest concentration of PHP workforce in India. The terms “I have an Idea”, “I want to Sell” and “I want to Save” where used in so many websites. The design was also copied by many companies who saw our success and tried to copy.

It makes me feel nostalgic to think about the incredible journey that we have taken. We currently employ 150+ designers and developers and I am proud to say that was an important contributor to the growth of Indus Net Technologies.

However, in order to fuel our next stage of growth, we realized that we need to change the overall business strategy. The structure of was not fitting the way we wanted to do business with our customers. Making in change was risky because the site was very popular on search engines and was generating good business. But, we decided unanimously that it did not reflect our new strategy and hence we decided that its time for a change.

We redesigned and officially re-launched on 8th January. Please note that I am using the word re-launched and not re-designed. This is because the new Script2please is not just a redesigned website but it is also a representation of our business model.

The new site is built is built around 3 dimensions of our business i.e. Services, Technology and Engagement Models. Currently, the site offer 3 services (Custom Web Development, Web Enablement and Open Source Customization) on 3 technology platforms (PHP, .NET and Ruby on Rails) on 2 Billing Models (Fixed Price and Dedicated Hiring) .

This structure has two advantages:

1. Any changes on either Services, Technology or Model can be mapped to website easily without having to disrupt the other parts.

2. It allows the customer to have the flexibility to choose the way they want to work with us. Mathematically, there are around 18 possible ways in which a customer can work with us. For example: Custom Web development in PHP using Fixed Price or Web Enablement using .NET using Dedicated Hiring. This is certainly a kind of flexibility that our competitors either don’t offer or don’t convey.

The old version of can still be seen here and the current version is live at

Old Site before Redesign

New Site after Redesign

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