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See us LIVE! on our office IP Cam

August 01, 2006 by Mainak Biswas under News @ Indus Offshore outsourcing Photo Gallery918 views
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Hello Friends,

We have installed an IP Cam so that you can see us LIVE at work during our office hours!

Check us at

Login: viewer
Passowrd: viewer

You will see maximum activity during day time IST (which is 5:30 HRS ahead of GMT) on a wordday. It also operates during night shift but we do not have much work going on at that time.

The IP Cam shows images from one of our web development center i.e. Mod 636. We are in process of installing IP Cams in all other development centers to give you a real time LIVE view of Indus Net Technologies workplace at all the times.

This is just another way to be more transparent to our customers, prospects, vendors and partners.

And yes, I hope this demarcates us from several copycats who copies our website content to show off that they have the same team and infrastructure as we have, but actually operate from a dorm room!

Take care!

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