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Submitting your website to not-so-popular directories

August 29, 2006 by Mainak Biswas under Internet Marketing385 views
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In March 2006 we launched – a service that manually submits your website to hundreds of Search Engine Optimization friendly directories.

It was an instant hit as it addresses a fundamental service gap! It is difficult to find reliable, honest and quick vendor to go out in the field and actually do the link building exercise at a reasonable price.

Since we have launched, I have got one question several times. Therefore I have decided to answer this on my blog-


Does it help to submit my site to not-so-popular web directories? If yes, how?


It does help to submit your site to not-so-popular web directories. There are several reasons to support this claim:

1. The directory may not be popular today and therefore offering free submission. They might become popular in days to come and then they might not allow free submission. Therefore you should catch them young!

2. Every incoming link is valuable. A listing in any quality directory will get you an additional incoming link, which adds to the “importance” of your website.

3. Even if the directory is not very popular, it will send some traffic your way. There is no harm in getting some extra visitors for free!In fact the probability of you getting a visitor from a not-so-popular directory is higher. They have lesser listings, giving you higher visibility and thus higher probaility of being visited.
4. Every directory is owned by a webmaster. So whenever you are submitting your website to a directory you establish a link with another webmaster. It is up to you how seriously you take it. I have experience of getting business and personal referrals from webmasters whom I came to know during link exchange or submission of my site to their directories. I know it was not a fluke, as this was not a one-time experience!

5. It is “too much of work” to revisit the directory in future and then submit the site to the directory when it has become popular. Submitting a site to a directory takes few  minutes. It is useless to keep it pending for future, when doing the submission does not cost you anything and is not going to hurt your website! So, just do it.

For the same reasons, I will also prefer to partner with link-exchange partners who has lower pagerank and popularity. If a company is agressively doing link exchange campaign, it is not far from a good pagerank. So better join hands now!

I hope this helps.

To your link-building success –

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