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TemplateKingdom.com serves as logistics partner to web template sites

August 02, 2006 by Mainak Biswas under Design Web design307 views
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TemplateKingdom.com was launched to design and sell unique templates with full rights so that we can fill the void between the highs of a unique custom web site design and the lows of a template which can be used by hundreds of other people.

To our surprise, our services had been (and is still been) heavily used by several template sites and to fulfill their template requirements.

Our offering is a perfect fit for their needs as they need a company who can provide them unique design which full rights, which they can sell exclusively through their website and keep 100% of the profits.

This is exactly what TemplateKingdom does for them.
We are proud to serve them as they help us reach out thousands of template buyers who can benefit from our talent. It does not matter if this happens indirectly and the users do not know about us. What matters is that our work makes a difference in life of thousands of people and also let several companies profit!

Till date TemplateKingdom.com have sold more than 3000+ templates to various small & medium sized businesses, web design companies and other template sites. We maintain strict confidentiality about our partners and only introduce their name with their explicit consent.
Indus Net Technologies offers bulk templates at a discounted price for template sites. One can buy designs published on our website at Templatekingdom.com or ask us to create templates for them in specific categories.

We also have a web programming team who can write a complete automated script to run a template business.

So, if you are waiting to get into the web templates business or want to buy templates to streamline your web design business in a niche market, get in touch with us today! We can be your dream logistics partner.
Contact us at info@templatekingdom.com

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