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Where are all the jobs in USA?

October 06, 2006 by Mainak Biswas under Offshore outsourcing258 views
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We get a lot of business from California, Florida and Texas. Since, we use an internal CRM system, I can pin-point and tell the exact percentage of our business from these three states. But I could never answer, why most of the business that we get is from these states only. 

So, while I was doing some research I stumbled upon “Job Postings per 1000 People” data posted at Indeed.com. I quickly fired up my excel program and did some maths the results surprised me. Here it is: 

Job Postings Per 1000 People
CA 18.43%
FL 7.42%
TX 7.06%
OH 4.62%
DC 3.86%
NY 3.55%
NV 3.51%
AZ 3.20%
CO 3.06%
MA 3.06%
MN 3.06%
WA 3.06%
UT 2.84%
PA 2.80%
VA 2.80%
TN 2.71%
MO 2.66%
CT 2.62%
MD 2.40%
WI 2.35%
NC 2.13%
GA 2.09%
OR 2.09%
IN 1.60%
KY 1.42%
RI 1.33%
IL 1.29%
AL 0.89%
MI 0.80%
LA 0.67%
OK 0.62%
Grand Total

As it seems nearly one-third of all the jobs in US are from these three states only. For me it has been a wonderful finding altogether. I think Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing a terrific job there in California!

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