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Wonderful Feedback

August 22, 2006 by Mainak Biswas under News @ Indus Portfolio Web design991 views
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Hello Folks,

We constantly take feedback from our customers. It helps us keep improve (where we are wrong) and gives us the firepower to excel (from the praises).

Some of these feedbacks are very touchy! – Specially if they define the exact purpose of our existance. Recently, we got a letter from Steve. This email has been put up in its entirety below.


Well, where do i start, i have been using design2please.com for the last 4 years. My designer Subhro has created 3 first class websites. Through having these websites my gross turnover has gone up by over 400%.

He truly is an amazing designer, he listens to your every need, and comes up with ideas
that completly stretch your imagination.

i remember one chrstmas where he was working on my websites every day, no matter what the hour, thats dediaction for you, you would never get that in the U.K

I see subhro as a friend, even though he`s the otherside of the world, he brings that personal touch. Design2please even though based the other side of the world, display better comunication skills than some companies in the U.k that are on your doorstep.

Each designer will work and work until the website is done, constantly adapting to your every need.

If you want dedication and a personal service then no other company matches
design2please.com there creative designs are second to none, just look at my websites,


if your looking for a design team that will produce you a website that is unique, exactly how you want it, and for the most amazing value anywhere in the world – trust me anywhere, then design2please is your company.

i had been told by many companies in the U.K that certain flash displays on the website couldnt be done, but as always design2please proved them all wrong by producing me 3 websites of class, that have in fact won worldwide rewards for design.

my latest website, show33.co.uk is amazing. Everything from logo design to the complete layout.

Every single customer that purchases tickets from our wesbite mentions how fantastic the wesbite is.

Whatever your business, whatever your market is, design2please will creat a website that will increase your gross turnover to new levels.

i highly recomend design2please.com as a website design company, you wont find a better company around.

Steve Tunstall


We decided to publish this letter here because we feel that this is more than a testimonial from our respected client. This is exactly the “purpose” with which we built Design2Please and other Indus Net Technology brands.

Thank you Steve for your wonderful feedback. I look forward to serve you for years to come.


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