Indus Net Technologies




750+ Passionate Professionals


40,000 square feet

Presence in

India, UK, USA, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia.

Globally Distributed Revenue

25% UK, 25% Rest of Europe, 25% USA, 15% India, 10% Rest of the world

Core Services

Digital Consulting, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Cloud Infra

Business Distribution

75% Tech, 25% Marketing

Industries Served

Financial Service, Media, Publishing, Entertainment, Retail, Health, IT Services, Professional Services, Education, Others.

# of Hours Delivered

6,250,000 Hours and counting

Projects Delivered


Relationship Value

$50K -$2m per annum

Project Ticket Size


Proud of

85% Business comes from existing clients.

Perceived As

Innovation Outsourcing Partner, Strategic Digital Partner

Lean Organization

Only three levels of hierarchy including top management. Empowered team.

Super Team

At least 3x more productive

Current Sales Channel

Inbound –Online, Events, Word of Mouth, References.

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