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Insurance Digital Claim Journey – Analytics Overlay

Claims Processes in the insurance industry is undergoing a radical digital transformation by eliminating frauds and embracing the power of Analytics.

12 Pointer Action Plan Before, During And After Covid-19

In these challenging times we its time we plan well as it can bring in new opportunities as well. As a business, we need to be watchful and prepare for the next phase.

Leaving The Office Behind : The New Normal

Remote working is the new normal and adapting to it is a must. In this report get an insightful sneak peek about it’s evolution, best practices and more.

Comparison of Mobile Applications of Top Indian Banks

With around 251 million people are registered mobile banking users In India, know how are banks scoring in customer experience and value added features.

Outsourcing 101

Outsourcing, if executed with proper grip can ease out business execution. Decoding the ‘if’s and ‘but’s of outsourcing could be your game changer!

Deep Learning 101

Deep learning is regarded enigmatic for CXOs who haven’t initiated it. However, knowing it can help you prepare your business for the future.

Current Trends in CMS Platforms 2019

A good number of organizations now rely on CMS platforms such as Drupal or Joomla but do not consider aspects of web management and business operations.

10 Mobile App Development Technologies to Watch Out in 2019

Mobile application trends in 2019 will center around improvement techniques for a rich user experience that would encourage people to use mobile apps more often.

Outsourcing Trends in Insurance Industry

The amalgamation of digital strategies with financial technologies have made the insurance providers understand the true potential of the new age technologies.

Migrating an Application from Zend 2.X to 3.0

Zend Framework (ZF) is an open source, object-oriented web application framework and version 0.3 is the most recent version of this open-source PHP framework. Find out how quickly and safely to migrate from ZF v 2.0 to ZF v 3.0.

Top Ten Digital Trends in Banking – 2018 And Beyond

In 2018, Banks will aggressively use data & advanced analytics to change the way banks approach their products and services, and the way customers use them.

A Detailed Study on Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

By 2020, 50% of Enterprises will manage their content by using a hybrid content architecture; Enterprise Content Management is the system to manage an organization’s documents precisely.

A Quick Guide to Android Instant Apps

With more than 500 million devices were using Android Instant Apps back in August 2017, let’s boost up your knowledge about one of the next big tech innovation.

Social media – Not just a digital marketing channel

In 2018, there will be a shift in how social is viewed by many businesses. We will see businesses treating social as a key marketing element whose effects go beyond digital.

Mobile App Development Trends in 2018

With over 6 million apps available in the market, mobile technology has been the centre of innovation for tech lovers. Discover top mobile app trends for 2018 to stay relevant & competitive in the market.

The Big CMS Comparison Report

CMS or Content Management System is considered to be the most sought-after tool used by web developers across the globe for developing websites. There is a list of CMS platforms available in the market.

State of Digital: 2018

As the world around us is transforming at an alarming rate, many of us feel quite overwhelmed by the rapid technological advances. With this prediction report, we aim to understand the current state of Digital as we begin the New Year…

Social Media Tools

Social media is one of the best ways to reach a wider audience. Discover Top 40 tools that are divided into different phases of the journey of social media expert from publishing to campaign setup to reporting.

Register As A Seller in Top 50 Marketplaces of The World

Marketplaces are a boon for sellers to grow their eCommerce business within a small period of time. This book integrates location wise details of the marketplaces around the world with seller’s registration links.

Top 100 InsurTech Influencers

InsurTech is an industry composed of companies that use technology to make insurance services more effective. To know about top 100 InsurTech Influencers sector, download this e-book.

Digital Marketing Audit

The digital marketing audit should be used to identify gaps and improve systems. This eBook is a complete guideline for digital marketer to identify various checklists of Digital Marketing Audit and Focus Areas.

Top 30 Influencers in Insurtech

InsurTech is an industry composed of companies that use technology to make insurance services more effective. To know about top 30 InsurTech Influencers sector, download this e-book.

Fintech and Insurtech Innovations

The digital transformation of insurance becomes mainstream in 2017 and FinTech is coming to represent technologies that are disrupting traditional financial services, including mobile payments, asset management etc.

Top 35 Digital Innovations in FMCG Industry

The market is changing continuously and is increasingly dominated by technology. In this eBook, you will be amazed to know some wonderful innovations in FMCG industry which can create magic for your business too!

Checklist For Improving Your Website Speed and Performance

Why is the website loading speed one of the most important user experience checklist? Download this eBook to know more tools for analyzing website’s speed and performance and speed-up your existing website.

How to Improve Your Website Security Checklist

Web security is important regardless of the size of a business. An unprotected website is a security risk for the company as well as customers and other businesses. Read the full article.

How Can Predictive Analysis Help You Grow Your Business?

Indus Net Technologies developed a predictive engine to help prefigure if a hypothetical brochure design is going to be successful based on image mining and analysis. Know more!

Agile Methodology

Agile is one of the best methodology and it’s been widely used by multiple companies across the globe. It provides opportunities to assess the direction of a project throughout the development life cycle.

Magento 2.0 Vs Magento 1.9

Every shopping cart should constantly improve to keep a high market position. It seems that Magento has learned this rule by heart. Magento 2.0 can be differentiated  from its earlier version and has many unique features.

A Quick Guide To Website Maintenance

This book assimilates quick tips and guide to website maintenance. After all, there is nothing more important than a well maintained website. That says it all about efficiency of a company.