AU Small Finance Bank – Intuitive Website With Easy Accessibility


AU Small Finance Bank is today a significant name in banking which is for the past two decades continuously providing banking services to medium and small income groups. INT. developed a new website for AU easily accessible for customers.

  • Headquarters: Rajasthan, India
  • Industry: Banking and Finance
  • Key Service: Retail Banking Services

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Challenges Faced

Advanced website for banking experience

AU Small Finance Bank was looking for a technical partner who can take care of their web portal through which the customers can make easy access to the website.

Our Solutions

Web App Based on Users’ Behaviour

Tech Stack

Success Story Outcome


  • High converting website in record days
  • Number of new website users increased
  • CRM and end-to-end mapping
  • Business spreading in entire India rapidly


AU Small Finance Bank Success Story Product Glimpse

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