Fintainium - Automating Financial Workflow & AI-OCR Enabled System -

Fintainium – Automating Financial Workflow & AI-OCR Enabled System


Fintainium is a Canada-based financial solution firm. The company has specialization in converting legacy-paper-based invoicing to real-time electronic systems. INT. offered a helping hand with next-gen technologies for Integrated Payment Hub.

  • Headquarters: Jacksonville, Florida
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Key Service: Payment Processing Platform

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Challenges Faced

Upgraded payment processing model

Fintainium was looking for a tech partner who is capable of upgrading the payment processing model for the company. The company was unclear about the product roadmap.

Our Solutions

Agile Advance-Technology Payment Platform

Tech Stack

Spring Boot
Success Story Outcome


  • Streamlining B2B payment with legacy accounting
  • The new platform automates error-free processing
  • Cloud-based SaaS solution with dynamic negotiation
  • Custom disbursement capability of the payment hub


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