Magma Aviation – Real-Time Tracker Routing App


Magma Aviation is a smart aviation route planning system that allows automatic route generation for cargo flights. Indus Net Technologies created a smart system with real-time rates for fuel prices, ACMI rates, currency conversion and so on.

  • Headquarters: Gatwick, Sussex, United Kingdom
  • Industry: Air Cargo Management Company
  • Key Service: Cargo Facility

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Challenges Faced

Cargo delivering system

Magma Aviation seeking a web-based application that consists of a one-touch solution. The aim was to optimize the routing operation and simplify the routing process.

Our Solutions

Smart Cargo Routing App

Tech Stack

jQuery Migrate
LightBox Plugin
Pretty Photo Plugin
Success Story Outcome


  • Centralized gateway to manage shipping
  • Smart dashboard for managing all stakeholders
  • Backend task to be performed with single software
  • INT. agile team for data transparency and efficiency


Magma Aviation Success Story Product Glimpse

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