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Success Story of Pure Benefits – Group Insurance Portal for Small Business

Pure Benefits is an online group insurance coverage product that covers and extend benefits to a group of people (i.e. members of societies, employees of a small business, or professionals in a common group) quickly and simply. We built the entire system including architecture, software, UI/UX and interface with the partnering insurance companies.

Key Features:

  • Used Linux Apache, MySQL and PHP to create a robust web app
  • Employee benefits and HRMS were integrated into a single app, so that SMEs can purchase easily
  • Focused on UX/UI to ensure ease of use
  • An easy UI helps in increasing sales
  • 2-3 easy steps to purchase policies
  • Brokers and agents can sell policies based on commissions
  • Insurers can maintain direct contact with consumers and enable cross-selling, up-selling etc.


  • Pure Benefits saved money and time by focusing on a robust web app
  • Insurance sales went up and could tap a market of 3.9 million policy buyers, and also sell its HRMS services.
  • Most importantly, the new portal helped Pure Benefits to attract top UK insurers such as Aviva, Unum, Vitality, etc.

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