SBI General Insurance – Web Portal and App To Penetrate Insurance Market


SBI was eager to penetrate the rising insurance market in India through a web solution to promote and sell its insurance products. INT. developed, web portal and Android App helping SBI to identify potential customers and keep them engaged.

  • Headquarters: Mumbai, India
  • Industry: General Insurance Provider
  • Key Service: Promoting and Selling Insurance Products

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Challenges Faced

Engaging web platform for customers

Indus Net Technologies designed a progressive web-technology-based solution ideal for the advanced and performance-focused interactive platform of SBI General with high intent marketing benefits.

Our Solutions

Smart Tech-Enabled Web And Mobile Platform

Tech Stack

Success Story Outcome


  • Auto-quote and claim featured web portal
  • Devices to personally engage with prospects
  • 30% increased web traffic
  • 10% enhancement in prospect conversation


SBI General Insurance Success Story Product Glimpse

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