Somax – IoT Based Solution On Cloud


World’s first CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) solution provider joined hands with INT. to streamline operations and build the most affordable solution for early direction and easy detection of any maintenance faults using IoT.

  • Headquarters: Georgia, USA
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Key Service: Modernize Asset Management System

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Challenges Faced

A Scalable Asset Management System

SOMAX wanted an application that will be a substantial shift from its legacy asset management system. They wanted:

Our Solutions

A IoT Based Scalable Solution on Cloud

Tech Stack

React JS
Success Story Outcome


  • Site-based management ensures that people are given access as per their location
  • It maintains a high internal security standard where only authorised personnel can access data
  • Whenever a work order is created, a push notification is sent to the mobile app, and an automatic login occurs
  • A mobile app that is used to view trends, work request orders can also generate automatic alerts


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