Tesco Bank – Transforming Policy Management System via a Mobile Platform


Tesco Bank, a leading insurance and banking solutions provider, teamed up with INT to create a comprehensive mobile application for transforming its Policy Management System as an integrated virtual platform that could help its customers to purchase and manage travel insurance policies from any device in a smooth way. Since they were a reseller of one of the largest insurance providers a real-time ecosystem module to track the policies and claims was also set up.

  • Headquarters: Edinburg, United Kingdom
  • Industry: Banking and Insurance
  • Key Service: B2B2C Mobile Application

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Challenges Faced

Transformation of the Policy Management System and a Robust Mobile Platform

Tesco Bank wanted to transform the Policy Management System through a seamless and comprehensive mobile platform with interactive user experience and limit it to B2C operations.

Our Solutions

A Robust and Scalable Mobile Application for Policy Management System Transformation

Tech Stack

Success Story Outcome


  • Boost sale of thousands of Travel Insurance Policies within short span of time
  • Shared Real time updates and assistance
  • Provided secured and seamless experience to the users
  • Reduced Claim Processing Time
  • Enhanced security and seamlessness in operations
  • Better competitive position in the market


Tesco Bank Success Story Product Glimpse

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