Top Tech News; 30 Sep 2016
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Top Tech News; 30 Sep 2016

By Mainak Biswas September 30, 2016 - 873 views
  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick With Voice-Search Remote

The new Amazon Fire TV stick comes with a quad-core processor and supports faster Wi-Fi as compared to its dual-core predecessor. Amazon hopes to buy off consumers by generously giving away voice-search enabled Alexa remotes along with the stick without charging a penny more. Yet the offer may sound lame to those who eagerly anticipated 4K support. #tech #entertainment

  1. Twitter Repackages Website Conversion Tracking

Building upon existing objective-based campaigns, Twitter launched a dedicated service that lets advertisers cost-efficiently track website conversions throughout the marketing campaign. Advertisers can further take advantage of predictive shopping and bidding expertise of TellApart besides leveraging Twitter’s Audience Platform. The company also rebranded its Website Clicks Offering as Website Visits. Let us hope repackaging attempts are more than a face-saver for the sinking ship. #social

  1. Play Your Favorite Games From Anywhere

 With a vision To free gamers from constant upgrade cycles and expensive hardware, Parsec launched a new technology that now delivers ultra-smooth low latency streaming experience. You not only remote control your gaming PC from anywhere, but can share it with friends or invite them to play with. Forget about owning a gaming hardware when you can simply rent it on cloud. It’s absolutely a new high in cloud gaming. #cloud #entertainment

  1. Personalized Filters For Flight Bookings

Employing its complex predictive algorithms, Hopper mobile app could tell flyers the best time to book their ticket to get a better bargain. Further exploiting its algorithm, Hopper now lets flyers book non-stop flights filtering low-cost carriers or flights with a long haul. The new feature called Watch Filters even allows you to remove basic fares from search options to look for the best and not just the cheapest option. Boasting 95% prediction accuracy, Hopper has a lot going for it.  #apps #corporate

  1. Houseparty App Marred By Scaling Problems

Houseparty, a live video-streaming app targeted at younger audiences lets you chat with up to seven friends simultaneously. A friend of a friend can enter your chat and a banner warning “Stranger Danger” flashes on your screen. You wave at other users to invite them to join the chat or call for privacy if you feel that way. With rising popularity of Houseparty among teenagers, this is another wobbly attempt by Meerkat to fulfill its dream of making it big. #apps

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