5 Reasons Why Your Dedicated Employee Must Be Fired Now
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5 Reasons Why Your Dedicated Employee Must Be Fired Now

By Mainak Biswas August 01, 2013 - 1,088 views

If you tear your hair in despair immediately after your employee walks out of the room, then it is time you started preparing reasons for his exit. A prudent employer can easily identify whether his employees are meeting his requirements or not, but of course, there are also some employers who are easily deceived and manipulated by their employees and still do not consider firing them. Such cases can lead to a highly dysfunctional team, where the employer ends up bearing the brunt of every mistake made by his employee. As we know, there is no dearth of employees in the job market and if your dedicated employee is giving you enough reasons to plan his exit, you should be smart enough to pick on these hints and look for a replacement.

• A bad accent calls for immediate termination.

A dedicated employee’s job profile usually requires him to get in touch with clients, and an unacceptable accent will not only tarnish the company’s reputation, but will also make you lose your clients and in the long run it could even prove detrimental for the business. People have little time to deal with high strung accents and an outlandish accent is usually frowned upon, so if your clients complain of not being able to decipher your dedicated employee’s requirement time and again, you might want to pay attention to your employee’s accent. A thick accent is mostly the culprit in ruining client relations, so why have someone on a payroll whose accent is sabotaging your client relations?

• Doesn’t use Social Media

Social Media has become an indispensible marketing and advertising tool, it can do wonders to your company if you know how to use it to your advantage. Well, on second thoughts that is not entirely true, if you do not know how to make the most of it you can hire a dedicated employee who knows the tricks of the trade. As we know, social media is a marketing tool that augments the odds of reaping greater profits and can be very well used to target customers. It is not optional but essential for your dedicated employee to know the applications of social media and should be able to put them to use, despite your several efforts, if he doesn’t bother to use it or get educated on it, you have all the right to reconsider his association with you.

• Doesn’t respond to calls but sends mails

Having unnecessary mails in the inbox is utterly pestering especially when they are from your employee who has all the liberty to speak to you in person or call you up. Believe it or not, there are many dedicated employees who prefer sending mails to answering calls and most of them do this to be elusive. When your employee starts screening your calls it means that he has something to hide, it could be an unmet deadline or an impending glitch that would surface in near future. Try to be wary of such excuses, if they your dedicated employee uses them very often then he is obviously not doing his job, which should give you a reason to start looking for a new candidate.

• Does not send scheduled reports about work status

The idea of generating a work report is to track the progress of a project; it also implicitly cites the work performance of the employee who is handling the project. Such reports are vital and must be submitted on time and significant delays in submission should push the employer to delve deep into the matter to look for reasons rather than buying the excuses of your dedicated employee. Delays in submission of such reports are a sign of uncompleted work and usually bring forth the incompetency of the employee. The next step would be to of course say “I need a programmer”, a new one.

• You can’t stand his presence

In a work environment group dynamics are of utmost importance and the same holds good for a team to functions without any conflicts. There could be moments when you clench your fists and grind your teeth with anger on listening to the lame details of your employee’s incompetency, which is not good for your personal well being. Sadly, for employees there is not much that they can do, but employers can very well make use of their position and have their employee fired.

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