Today’s Most Useful Tech News from Indus Net Technologies
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Today’s Most Useful Tech News from Indus Net Technologies

By Abhishek Rungta August 30, 2016 - 991 views


  1. Cisco to Lay Off 14,000 People

Cisco has long been a hardware company and is now slowly moving towards a cloud-enabled software service model. In the next few weeks, some 14,000 people are likely to be laid off. This is almost 20% of their workforce globally and is likely to raise questions. #cloud #corporate

  1. Target Reveals Apple Devices Not Selling Much

Target disclosed that people are not buying Apple products as much as they expected. Being one of the largest retail store chains, Target’s sales figures may prove to be disappointing for Apple investors. This also may hint at a plateau phase of tech products, and a move towards software services. #mobile #marketing

  1. Apple to Open R&D Center in China

Apple is planning to open its new R&D center in China. This is the first time Apple is opening a center in this country, and the company already has 9,000 employees in China. Apple’s products are very popular among Chinese, though the government has tried to ban some of its services in the country. #mobile #corporate

  1. Google Classroom Gets an Update

With EdTech being the next big frontier, Google Classroom has been used by students, parents and their teachers. Now, Google has added new tools to the app so that it helps parents to track their kids’ activities in a class. Helicopter parents are likely going to enjoy this update a lot. #apps #EdTech

  1. Amazon Teams Up with Product Hunt

If you hadn’t heard about Product Hunt, it is a San Francisco-based startup that curates the best new apps, gadgets and websites. Now Amazon has teamed up with this company and will advertise products with “Featured on Product Hunt”, if a product has been featured so. Certainly, something useful for consumers before they make a purchase. #marketing #corporate

  1. Future Maybe in Hybrid Cloud

With cloud computing making its inroads deep into enterprise space, it is no more news when people adopt it. The future of cloud computing is going to be based on hybrid models, and this article discusses that hybrid cloud will likely be innovators choice in the near future. #cloud #trends

  1. Will Content Marketing Be Taken Over By AI?

With robotics making inroads into almost every industry vertical out there, content marketing might soon be taken over by AI as well. However, content marketing cannot be fully automated, and there will always be editorial roles available for human employees. This isn’t something that people should worry about. #ai #marketing

  1. Intel Launches Headsets with AR and VR

Intel is back in news with its virtual reality headsets. At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel revealed its snazzy new headset that combines virtual reality with augmented reality. This is going to be one product to watch out for. #vr #corporate

  1. Twitter to Live Stream NFL Games

If you thought you couldn’t do with those NFL games, Twitter is planning to launch an Apple TV app to feature free live streaming of the games. We need to remember that Apple has often collaborated with Twitter in the past, and may have a slight soft corner for Twitter executives. #social #apps

  1. Pinterest Brings Video Ads

With almost every social networking site making use of video ads, Pinterest is finally playing catch up. Its CEO recently revealed that Pinterest will offer video ads to advertisers. It is important to note that Pinterest demographic tends to lean towards women. #social #marketing

  1. Dropbox to Go Public Soon

Dropbox has been one of the biggest successes of cloud storage. It is especially popular among businesses that are looking at enterprise storage. Now, the company may go public as early as 2017. Read this article to learn more about this. #cloud #corporate

  1. BFSI Dominates Cloud Infrastructure Market

A recent report suggests that BFSI dominates cloud infrastructure market. Often provided on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), cloud has helped a number of banks to offer quality services at a lower cost. The report suggests that BFSI has a 13% market share in cloud infrastructure services. #fintech #cloud

  1. Find Yourself with This Meditation App

If meditation could calm and heal you, you will probably interested in this new app called Finding Your True Self. This app has been launched by Deepak Chopra and makes use of virtual reality. He says, even reality is simulated. Find out for yourself if this one interests you. #apps #vr #health

  1. Automatic Updates Its Tool

Automatic has updated its automobile fitness tracker. It connects with your car’s on-board diagnostics and helps you to understand how your car is doing. Even if you lend your car to someone else, you can always receive notifications thanks to 3G-enabled reports. #apps

  1. New Robotic Leg Mystifies People

Here is a new robotic leg that might get you interested. Named as ‘GOAT leg’, it is an acronym for Gearless Omni-directional Acceleration-vectoring Topology. What this really does differently is navigated different terrains without many difficulties. Read this article for more information. #vr


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