Can a Short Nap at Work Boost Productivity?
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Can a Short Nap at Work Boost Productivity?

By Mainak Biswas September 10, 2014 - 2,013 views

When Shirley feels tired at work, she goes to the washroom cubicle and takes a 15 minute nap, only to be woken up by an alarm that she sets on her cellphone. It is her dirty little secret but she claims that it helps her to stay more alert and focused at work. Doesn’t she sleep well at night? She does but then there is always something that makes her to crave for those moments of slumber in which she can recuperate from a tired mind. A lot of people stealthily or openly take naps during work. A lot of them also get fired or warned when they are caught sleeping.

Napping at work has a stigma but is not that bad

Sleeping while at work is considered to be a hallmark of those who are lazy, unprofessional and those who are not interested in work. Yet, a lot of people, a majority of people in fact, sleep at work. This only shows that it is a perfectly normal thing to do, as long as it is monitored by oneself. Sleeping at work is not only normal but can be beneficial to both employees and companies in which they work at. This is one of the reasons why a number of companies have begun to offer sleeping lounges where employees can go and grab some sleep, albeit for just a few minutes.

Short naps rejuvenate the brain

It is scientifically proven that sleep helps us to rejuvenate our brain cells. When we sleep for at least 15 minutes, our brain cells get the necessary time to recuperate from the days hard work. It is not enough to just close one’s eyes. When we take a nap, we feel refreshed and are able to use our brain cells better.

Short naps increase productivity

Short naps are also known to increase productivity. Every company wants its employees to be productive and efficient. If they are feeling sleep and are not able to work efficiently, what is the point of them sitting in front of the computer? It does not really make sense to force employees to stay awake when a 15-20 nap could actually make them work more efficiently.

Lack of sleep decreases concentration

Researchers have shown that drivers who are deprived of sleep are more prone to causing accidents than those who are on alcohol. This is because, people who are sleep deprived are unable to concentrate. Do you really want your accountant to add a couple of zeroes more because he or she couldn’t sleep properly. Letting employees to take short naps at work will help them to concentrate on their given tasks better. And that is ultimately good for all of us.

Sleeping well boosts health

People who are sleep deprived are usually unhealthy. It can cause serious metabolism issues that can turn into chronic illnesses. With that in mind, it is important for people to take short naps and repay the sleep debt, as it is known. Those who sleep well notice that their general health improves. This helps them to work better as well. At the end of the day, health is more important than everything else.

People who sleep well are happy

Even after 10 minute nap, people report being elated and satisfied. This improves their mood and they are able to communicate and interact with people better. If an employee has to make a presentation, he or she will do better to take a short nap before making that presentation. They will also look better, when they feel rested. Short naps make people happy and this is one of the reasons why companies must start encouraging people to take short naps at work.

Scientific and psychological research shows that even short naps are enough to boost people’s productivity. The next time you see someone taking a short nap at work; do not look down upon them. They might actually be preparing to work harder and better, when they finally wake up from their slumber. Sleeping at work has a stigma but when people take short naps in order to boost productivity, there is nothing really wrong in that.

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