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We don’t mind if you don't have a previous work experience. If you love technology, have innovative ideas, solve problems and strive for excellence, then Indus Net Technologies is the place for you. Your uniqueness is a major part of the consideration. Show us your specialty and we will lend our guiding hands to turn your dream into reality.

Your knack for innovation in the industry will be correctly supported by INT. If you’ve the right talent, we have the right job for you!

We are looking for bright minds to join our team. Is that you?
Share your uniqueness by answering few questions below.

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  • Have you been involved in creating something new lately – an innovation may be?

    Innovation doesn’t always mean you have to create something new. Innovation is also having an idea, improving it, making it exclusive and then taking the initiative to make it a reality. We love people who come up with innovative and crazy ideas. Share with us your one innovative idea, which does not let you sleep.

    Waiting to hear about your innovation
  • Have you been busy writing an article – exercise your writing skills?

    Are you one of those who wrote about your life in a diary during school days? Do you like to play with words? Do you pour your heart and soul into writing an article? Submit a write-up, which you loved writing the most.

    Let’s know more about your words
  • Have you designed anything exquisite and want to flaunt it?

    Celebrated designer Milton Glaser had said, “There are three responses to a piece of design—Yes, No and Wow! Wow is the one to aim for.” Share a design concept that will blow our minds and make us say ‘WOW’.

    Let us know how you can fascinate us
  • Tell us about your favorite book and why?

    Books are the man’s best friend. At Indus Net Technologies, we have a culture of reading books and we inculcate the habit of reading among our employees too. Tell us your favorite book and why you love reading the same story again and again.

    Start sharing your experience
  • Anything else which makes you unique?

    Do you rustle up a dish in the kitchen every time your friends pay a visit? You like bird watching and look up for new places to visit. Every individual is unique in their own way. Share with us anything that makes you feel unique.

    Tell us what we must know for sure
  • What are your most proud of?

    Achievements are one the which you are waiting to tell us always. Walk us through some of the phases which you want us to know. Tell us what motivates you the most.

    Waiting to know more about you
It’s show time, so, get started now and count days for your success!

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