Differences between Anime and Manga You Need to Know
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Differences between Anime and Manga You Need to Know

By Mainak Biswas October 08, 2014 - 1,029 views

If you have caught yourself using the words Anime and manga interchangeably, you are not alone. There are a number of people who believe all comics and animated movies that are from Japan are either Manga or Anime. Nothing could be farther from that. While it is true that both the forms of art originate from Japan, the way we understand Anime and Manga is vastly different from how it is understood in Japan.

What is Manga and what is Anime?

We must remember that Manga is written and drawn, whereas Anime refers to animated movies and TV shows. IT is possible that manga comics are converted to Anime format and aired on the TV. Manga is usually written by one person where as Anime is produced by a number of people. Naruto and other Manga comics have been converted into Anime.

These are hugely popular in the west and a lot has been discussed about why the Japanese chose Anime and Manga as unique forms of art. Indeed, comics and animated movies are popular in the U.S. as well, but in Japan, it takes a whole new precedence. In order to understand the differences between Anime and Manga, we need to understand a little bit about the history of Japan as well.

The history or the evolution of Manga and Anime

Japan grew us a feudal kingdom that alternated between embracing the West and shunning it. When Walt Disney began to produce cartoons based on comics, the Japanese began to get influenced by Disney comics and cartoons as well. However, Japanese Manga writers usually retained a very Japanese form of drawing and that is evident in the way the characters are created.

Manga characters usually have big eyes and androgynous features, which seem to be popular among Japanese people as they signify innocence and beauty. Again, unlike in the west, Manga characters lead normal and drab lives. They go to work, school and cook at home. Yet, they hold dark secrets or powers that others do not realize. This is an indication of the Japanese city which is conformist and is tradition-bound. In order to escape the monotony of life in Japan, people look towards fantasy. That is exactly what is reflected in Manga comics.

How long do Manga strips run?

Manga usually runs for years together. Sometimes, famous Manga strips have run for decades and each one is written by the same person. When a Mangaka or the creator of Manga dies, his or her Manga strip comes to an end too. Anime, on the other hand, is more commercial in nature and is undertaken by the big production houses of Japan.

How is Manga created?

Manga is pure and is derived from Japanese artists who spend years together perfecting their art. It is usually done with the help of pen and paper but nowadays, Manga artists may use technology as well. Anime on the other hand is in the video format and is usually the result of a number of people’s efforts. Both Manga and Anime are not limited to Japan alone. In fact, a number of people believe that Anime and Manga were probably inspired by Chinese artists more than the Americans.

Today, Manga and Anime are produced not only in Japan but also in China, South Korea, Taiwan and other far-eastern countries. There are a number of Anime and Manga artists in Brazil and Peru as well, which hold a large number of Japanese immigrants. The future of Anime and Manga is especially bright.

What do web designers have to do with Anime and Manga?

We, in the world of web designing, can adopt Anime and Manga to suit our needs while creating websites. Web designing can find inspiration from Manga aesthetics and create characters that are uniquely Manga in nature. This will strike a note with people who are into Japanese culture and art.

Manga and Anime are uniquely poised to be associated with the Internet and web designing. In the years to come, we expect a lot of people to request websites that are inspired by Japanese Manga strips. If you are a web designer, you could probably start reading up some Manga comics to be prepared for the future.


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