Indus Net Technologies

Payday loan management system for Cash4You to manage customers, stores and employees.

An integrated CMS (Content Management System) based website of SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited, which makes product search and contacts management effortless. The responsive design and auto-rolling banners alongside rolling “key rates” section enable timely and innovative financing solutions.

Eurochange, a renowned Forex brand from UK, tasted e-commerce success through our dedicated brand targeting campaign and carefully strategized keyword and ad optimisation. The transactions had gone up by 7 times and the revenue had gone up by close to 8 times.


  • Competitive products
  • Pressure on operating margins
  • Rapidly evolving consumer buying behaviour & demand patterns for personalised products
  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Regulatory compliance


  • Digital Banking for rich customer experience & retention
  • Responsive IT infrastructure to render a planned compliant system
  • Omni-channel approach
  • Analytics for risk profiling for customers and customised product offering

Indus Net Solutions & Services

  • e-KYC portal
  • Employee Intranet
  • Salesforce Management
  • Custom app for Mobile transaction
  • Direct to customer solution like CMS based website development
  • CRM
  • Online transactional systems with integrated payment gateways
  • Web & mobile based e-commerce portals & applications
  • Conversion of legacy applications
  • Kiosk applications
  • POS systems

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