INT. Cracks An Age-Old Problem With Panache
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INT. Cracks An Age-Old Problem With Panache

By Rajarshi December 02, 2022 - 128 views

Indus Net Technologies has solved a lingering problem for Aaron L. Smith, with its unique approach and tech-based expertise. The firm has created a highly innovative solution – which solves some of the biggest job-related issues in the world today.

71% of CEOs in the U.S., according to the Summer 2022 Fortune/Deloitte CEO Survey, felt that the labor and skills shortage would be the largest business disrupter in 2022, while costing  companies trillions of dollars by the time this decade ends. 87% of global companies also recognized their own skill gaps or ones to arise in another few years, as per McKinsey & Company. India also ranked at 56 in the Wiley Digital Skills Gap Index

What Was The Core Problem At Hand? 

Companies filling up these gaps would naturally enhance their future profits and talent pool alike. For employees in this case, it would mean better wages and more promotion opportunities, along with enhanced quality of life as well.

However, ensuring such outcomes necessitates that the competencies and skills for each position go beyond mere job advertisements.

It requires sizable effort and time for the compilation of each hard and soft skill along with other technology skills, competencies, and knowledge requirements for a single location, to give organizations an idea of where to start. Getting this data in an easily accessible manner has always been near-impossible or immensely hard to imagine. 

How The Solution Was Conceived

Indus Net Technologies came up with a solution to this dilemma, with its unique approach involving a web portal for businesses aiming at giving quality insights and analytics concerning wage/salary ranges, skills that are currently in demand, resources, and so on.

This would cater to individuals, SMEs, and other institutions and non-business entities alike. 

This entailed deploying machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) for this innovative project, which already has 17,000+ unique job occupations which are also updated consistently with data enhancement. All crucial data like hard and soft skills are also at one’s fingertips.

The journeys through the portal include the client or Admin and also the HR/company owner/manager who will be purchasing the subscription package and adding the team as the end user. The portal will also cater to individual users. 

The solution leverages a tech stack comprising of CSS, HTML, REACT.JS, MYSQL, EXPRESS.JS, PYTHON, AWS, and TABLEAU. There is also integration with social channels like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

The Eventual Impact Of Such A Solution 

  • Indus Net Technologies tied up with Upskill Talent for creating this innovative dashboard for users to keep up-skilling their talent, through uncovering vital knowledge and skills required for jobs that they search for. 
  • The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) has already launched 17,000+ occupations along with 200,00 attributes which have been compiled for ensuring the capabilities of users for understanding the skills and knowledge required for mastering their chosen occupations. 
  • The effect of this solution can help in tackling global issues, including some included in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, i.e. providing decent work and economic growth, ensuring quality education, improving industry, infrastructure, and innovation. The fulfillment of such objectives will naturally boost opportunities, growth and job-creation throughout several developed economies, while uplifting the confidence of local workforces at the same time. 
  • Users can also try out this innovative solution prior to finalizing their decision to go ahead with the same. 

What The Client Feels 

The Founder & CEO, Aaron L. Smith, Ph. D, has stated that the team at Indus Net Technologies have done the impossible and made a skill-on-resume dashboard a reality which is unparalleled. This has been possible with their determination and abilities, and their sense of detail and due diligence, according to him.

He also stated that users of the product would naturally be helped towards achieving higher levels of success in the future. Aaron L. Smith further stated how he is excited to work with Indus Net Technologies on this pioneering project and other future initiatives. 

Indeed, radical solutions do not see the light of day due to a lack of implementation or suitable skill-sets.

Indus Net Technologies has successfully combated one of the biggest hurdles encountered in the job-search and up-skilling industry, creating a novel dashboard that can well herald significant future value from a global  perspective.

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