Why You Must Get Rid Of Pop-up Ads Immediately
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Why You Must Get Rid Of Pop-up Ads Immediately

By Mainak Biswas April 22, 2016 - 2,602 views

A number of websites are very well designed and they also have great information. yet, people choose to immediately close them and move on to the next website. The main reason is, this amazing website disappointed the user with a pop-up ad. Pop-up ads are one of those annoying Internet cliches that never seem to go.

These intrusive marketing communications are lauded by industry pundits as something that drives traffic, conversions and a whole lot of other clichéd business-related babble. Yet, there is no denying that the very pop-up ad that these people tout is also harming the clients more than anything else.

It is also known that websites that are clean, well designed and that which make use of right sidebar and other widgets gain more views and people stay longer on the websites than on a website where pop-ups always appear. In order to understand why pop-ups are bad and why you should finally get rid of them, please do read the reasons stated below. If these reasons do not convince you to get rid of pop-up ads, we just insist, that you must.

1. Pop-ups create a bad impression

Most of the times when people visit a website, they are looking for interruption-free viewing and information processing. Websites may contain useful information ad may even be well designed. However, when someone is reading about something interesting, and a pop-up advertisement pops on the website, they will be tempted to close it right away. They will neither process the marketing communication nor will they continue to visit your website. They may already have developed a bad impression about your website. First appearances are important and if one is not able to make a good impression, it is better not to make a bad one at least.

2. They make people want to leave

Most people who browse dislike pop-up ads. There are no exceptions. Pop-up ads go against the human nature of being engrossed in something interesting. Getting distracted by something that is clearly commercial in nature is a huge turn-off. Almost immediately, people will want to leave the website, no matter how engrossed they were just before the ad popped up. In order to avoid people from leaving websites, it may be necessary to avoid pop-ups altogether. Certainly, no one wants to drive away visitors who may end up becoming leads or converts. It is important to grab their attention in an unobtrusive manner.

3. Pop-ups result in slower web pages

This may come across as a controversial statement but pop-ups do slow down pages. Slower loading pages are known to cause SEO problems as Google and other search engines take the speed of a website into account when they rank them. Moreover, it is also important to have faster loading pages to keep visitors from changing the tab or closing it altogether out of frustration. Anything that removes the unnecessary from websites is a good idea to keep. With that in mind, keeping the plan of removing pop-ups is a very good strategy.

4. Pop-ups have a messy with user interface

Of all the things that matter, nothing is more important than a good user interface. People should be able to browse through a website without having to look around where they need to click. A pop-up makes this very difficult as they sometimes block navigation bars. They may even cause the interface of the website to lose its integrity, causing visitors to get tired. If you are going to focus on user friendliness, it is important to get rid of those pop-ups. Pop-up ads also look too spammy and no one wants to click on them anyway.

5. Pop-ups are not mobile friendly

When it comes to browsing on mobile devices, we need to remember that most websites are responsive today. While designing a responsive website, it is important to make sure that they are viewed easily on mobile devices. If they are not being viewed properly, that means they are not mobile friendly. With this in mind, if pop-ups always interfere with the responsive design, they obviously are doing more harm than use. In other words, pop-ups are not mobile friendly. Choosing a more mobile friendly option may be required in order attracting visitors.

6. Pop-ups make you look less credible

While the design and technical aspects have already been explained, nothing says “we are not credible” than a pop-up ad. In this century, no one believes in pop-ups. They are associated with tawdry websites a questionable entity. People may even think you are going to infect their computers with Trojans and adwares. With this in mind, it is not an exaggeration if we said that pop-ups reduce your credibility and make you look questionable. Certainly, in order to attract newer clients and customers, you need to build trustworthiness. Pop-ups will not help you do that.

7. Pop-ups are outdated

Pop-ups are a 1990s hangover that many companies still have not gotten over. Just like some people still tie-dye their t-shirts and look out of place in 2016, many still use pop-up ads. With MySpace and Netscape, pop-ups too should have been relegated to the murky depths of the 1990s or early 2000s. Unfortunately, they still persist. It is our responsibility to make sure that we are not part of the group that still practice outdated ad design strategies. If you still have those pop-ups, please get rid of them.

Follow ad strategy best practices

It is important to get rid of pop-ups, verbose and lengthy advertisements and other strategies that are known to drive people away. By adopting ad strategies that are tried and tested, you will be able to generate more traffic and revenue. Nobody wants to be mistaken for being someone with questionable intentions. By avoiding pop-ups and maintaining a clean image, you will be able to boost your trustworthiness. After all, all of us want visitors to stay longer and take home a marketing message or even better, take action immediately.

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