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The app allows readers to have round-the-clock access to news, blogs, articles, photos & other multimedia content from Las Vegas Review Journal, the largest circulating daily newspaper in Nevada, US.

High availability & extremely scalable App for Fox Sports, to stream Formula 1 races in real-time, show race statistics & publish results.

An app for Latin American football fans to keep track of COPA Bridgestone Libertadores league, teams, players and their statistics. The app even comes with two highly engaging football games.

Globally media, publishing & entertainment industry is facing the strategic challenge of sustaining and growing amid the rapidly evolving demographics of changing product distribution channels, content consumption patterns and pricing models, resulting from the digital media revolution.

With the emergence of multiple content delivery channels specially the smartphones and tablet PCs, along with the increasing popularity of search engines and social content platforms, the impetus for growth in this sector is gradually shifting from physical prints to digital content that is readily available via the web or mobile applications to the ever-increasing demography of digital media consumers.


  • Multiple content formats, multi channels of content distribution & changing content consumption patterns
  • Hyper-competitive market with shrinking margins/bottom line from traditional modes of distribution
  • Delivering superior consumer experience in terms of anywhere/anytime access to content, information, advertisement
  • Social community engagements
  • Legacy modes of content delivery & outdated applications


  • Delivering superior customer experience through multi-platform & multimedia content delivery via web, mobile, PC tabs etc.
  • New channels of content distribution; content monetisation avenues; standardized solution/framework for reduced operations cost
  • Content distribution via web & mobility platforms; personalised content delivery
  • Content management & distribution leveraging upon social media collaboration for effective spread and impact
  • New content delivery channels; advance mobility solutions that enhance customer experiences

Indus Net Solutions & Services

  • Advertising Platform (Online & Mobile advertising)
  • Multi- Channel Distribution of Content, Information, Advertising, Media products
  • Content Digitalisation, Standardisation & Centralisation
  • Direct to customer solution like Website Development using Content Management System(CMS)
  • E-commerce & M-commerce portal with Category & Subscription Management, Reviews & Distribution Analytics
  • Content Monetisation solution & services
  • Content Creation, XML Content Transformation, Content Authoring
  • Custom e-book publishing
  • In-flight Entertainment
  • OTT solutions
  • Smart TV solutions

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