Today’s Top 5 Tech News
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Today’s Top 5 Tech News

By Mainak Biswas September 22, 2016 - 828 views
  1. iPhone 7 Has Just The Perfect Display

iPhone 7’s LCD display has passed a display test with flying colors. Setting a performance record, iPhone 7 has the highest contrast ratio, brightness, contrast rating, and lowest screen reflectance among all smartphones. However, iPhone 7 has also received negative news for making a hissing noise, audio software issues, and getting scratched too easily.  #mobile


  1. Intel & GE Make Trains Super Brainy

GoLinc platform powered by GE and Intel is turning freight trains into powerful mobile data centers. These smart trains provide processing, wireless communication, data storage, and video capabilities to improve operations, fuel efficiency, and horsepower. If you thought trains were far removed from the digital revolution, think again. #corporate #data


  1. Yelp Embraces Developers With Fusion

Yelp is giving developers way more access to its API content and data with its Fusion program. The program focuses on bringing local content to more apps and gives a resounding proof of its competitiveness against Foursquare, Google and others. Yelp has finally realized it needs more developers on its side now than ever before.  #apps #social


  1. Microsoft Bids To Root Out Cancer

Microsoft is employing machine learning techniques to analyze tumors and design new medication regimes for doctors. It is further working on projects like creating biological cells to fight cancer and using AI to analyze CT scans of tumors. It sounds impressive but Microsoft is certainly not the only one in this quest. #ai


  1. Landlords Look Toward Outsourcing to Assist Tenants

Landlords are looking toward outsourcing to help improve living conditions of tenants in Australian cities, according to a study by CBRE. While outsourcing was once looked at as a money-saving technique in the past, landlords are increasingly using it to provide concierge services to their tenants. After all, tenants are customers too, and it is no longer just about signing the lease agreement. Childcare, health and well being, and other services are being outsourced to make tenants’ lives easier. #outsourcing


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