Digital  Marketing Demystified 2017

Digital Marketing Demystified 2017

By Mainak Biswas February 22, 2017 - 2,301 views

As a digital marketer, should you concentrate only on PPC or should you also pursue SEO diligently? Do you know the tools through which you can keep an eye on your competitors? Or what the most common mistakes that digital marketing agencies or digital marketers do?

If these are some of the many questions hovering in your mind as business leaders and decision makers, our digital marketing experts have the answers to them at the DIGITAL MARKETING DEMYSTIFIED workshop.  

Digital marketing coachesAji Issac Mathew, CEO & Co-Founder, Indus Net Techshu, Eastern India’s largest Digital Agency and Santanu Mukherjee, Digital Marketing Head, Indus Net Technologies — will be in your town for one-on-one sessions at the Digital Marketing Demystified workshop.  


We all know how we are increasingly moving towards a digital world. Companies are adopting various digital marketing practices. You belong to the senior management team of your company and are the decision makers. So, we need not inform you about the definition of digital marketing.

But this 8-hour long structured workshop will help you understand, manage and explore the digital opportunities of your business. It will help you grow your business.

This is not a seminar or conference where you will be required to come with pen and paper and write down points. This is an open, interactive forum with a limited number of participants, where you can bombard our experts with all kind of queries related to digital marketing.

You can know from our experts the myths that exist in digital marketing, the importance of hiring the right digital marketing strategists for your company or how to measure the success or failure of a digital marketing strategy? Our experienced coaches will help you in identifying your business objectives and then leveraging the power of digital marketing.

We have been organizing this workshop, which is India’s most structured Digital Marketing training, in various cities across the country since 2014. From New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Siliguri, Chennai and Bhubaneswar, our digital marketing pundits are travelling and conducting workshops for professionals. Our coaches share case studies with the participants to have a better understanding of the matter.

On February 15, 2017, we were in the Pink City i.e. Jaipur. This was our first workshop in Jaipur and we had received an overwhelming response from entrepreneurs and business owners.

Sanjay Goel, Business Manager at Vibrant Technik, attended our workshop in Jaipur. He took to Facebook to share his feelings about the workshop. “What a great teacher you are Isaac. Enjoyed every minute of your wonderful training in Jaipur session,” he posted on social media.

After Jaipur, our experts will be travelling to Chennai to meet the business leaders and decision makers of the companies for the workshop. This will be our second visit to Chennai and we are sure that just like the previous time, this time too, we will experience enthusiastic response from Chennai.

So, all you product Mangers, marketing managers, brand Managers, CIOs, CEOs, and business owners, come meet us in Chennai if you want to explore digital marketing in an effective way to expand your business.

Those who have missed the Jaipur session, you can come down for the Digital Marketing Workshop in Chennai on February 24 at The Residency. Limited seats are available. Book them fast.


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