Discover the Value for Culture of Originality in a Workplace
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Discover the Value for Culture of Originality in a Workplace

By Mainak Biswas November 28, 2016 - 5,187 views

Originality is defined as the ability to create something that isn’t copied. It is something authentic,which comes from the source of the creator or the doer. In organizational terms, originality refers to be creative and being able to make decisions in situations where others might have taken a different path. This ability says a lot about how good a leader you are.

If you are willing to take alternative decisions and solutions, you are probably being original. This originality is required to sustain organizations and companies because they also ensure that creativity is always present within work culture. Without creativity and the ability to be original, companies cannot survive in a highly competitive world.

To answer the question if originality is a workplace culture, we only need to look at it this way – If you are not original, you do not innovate. If you do not innovate, you perish. Thus, it is quite clear that originality is required in  a workplace place, and most important is that it needs to be nurtured and encouraged within an organisation.

Boosting originality at work

To boost originality at your workplace, there are a number of things you can do. Firstly, it is important to encourage employees who are creative. This may include encouraging their own individual creative processes which may not be related to your business. For example, if your web designer can strum the guitar, why not bring a guitar to one of the rooms, and get him to play regularly to other staff?

This helps not only to feel appreciated, but helps in encouraging other employees to realize the value of creativity. Creativity is never limited to a single artistic pursuit. There are chances that the web designer who is good at strumming guitar comes up with a better design than those designers who aren’t very creative. Look for individual instances of originality, especially in problem solving.

If a manager makes a daring decision, do not reprimand him. Instead, appreciate him for the courage and laud his originality in problem solving. This does not mean you should allow everyone to do everything they choose to. It just means, hand-picking instances of originality and encouraging that in your workplace.

Looking forward

Originality at workplace is a work in progress. You cannot develop that overnight. On the other hand, you can inspire those who are not original to engage in creative thinking, by encouraging and providing positive reinforcements to those who are original. This indirectly helps to boost productivity and enhance your organization’s work culture.

Encourage creative people and give them platforms to showcase their talent. This helps other people to get creative too, and they begin to value the importance of creativity and originality. It is well known scientifically that creativity and the ability to make individual decisions are very crucial to leaders and budding leaders. Encourage these budding leaders at your organization to reap benefits and also to boost originality at your organization as a whole.

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