Do You Need to Write Microblogs? What Are They?
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Do You Need to Write Microblogs? What Are They?

By Mainak Biswas August 28, 2013 - 1,650 views

Microblogging may have gained tremendous momentum in the past few years and had majority of the internet users succumb to it, but there are still many users who are deliberating over using this broadcasting medium. Well, the good news is, it is about time you put your rather prudent judgement to rest because microblogging is a big deal and if you don’t join it, you can’t exploit it. Ever since the inception of microblogging there have been myriads of myths associated with it, which may have thawed the progress of this outstanding broadcasting medium. We will give you five reasons why you must venture into this form of blogging and bust the most famous myths to help you circumspect in a better way.

What is Micro- Blogging?

Microblogging is a form of blogging in which the content is small and precise, it typically appeals to people who are always on the run. The information shared through micro blogging is very brief and covers the topic in nutshell. Mini blogs also known as micro blogs usually consist of pictures describing the cause or very little text which can easily grab attention and communicate its purpose. Twitter and Tumblr are typical examples of micro blogging sites which are extremely popular and amongst internet users who are addicted to micro blogging.

Five reasons why you should start your mini blogs:

•  To satiate your desire to be heard

Many of us do not choose to live lonely lives, sometimes turn of events and circumstances force us to keep us to ourselves. Microblogging is a great way to break free from the ties of circumstances and be heard by people who appreciate your being or at least value you enough to consider your post a voice. Best part about microblogging is, you do not have to be a literary genius to get started with it, and this form of blogging mostly thrives on slangs and contemporary lingo trends. You can share your views, post comments, have followers and also make friends, in short, have your own community in the virtual world with this form of blogging.

• Use this medium as an advertising and marketing tool

As we know social media has become an indispensible part of the marketing and advertising activities. Corporate giants plan their online presence even before launching their products or services in the market, such is the influence of social media. You can also make the best use of microblogging to advertise your product or services, and since the posts here are small and precise users do not mind checking them out.

• Develop Public Relations

It is easier to find your target audience on microblogging sites as compared to social dos where you find nothing but a bunch of snobs hob-nobbing with each. Microblogging helps you to connect to your customers and serves as a great medium to publish links to newsletters, press releases and the important updates that you want to share with your target audience. With this medium you can be sure of being heard by your followers who have subscribed to your posts, this way you can make sure what you have communicated has been heard.

• Publish real-time news

In recent past it has been noticed that microblogging has served as an important medium of real-time news, it empowers citizens to act as sources of information which can also avert crisis. Most micro bloggers regularly share information about events in their surrounding, which almost acts as media coverage and creates awareness amongst others, this feature of microblogging was prominently noted during the Iraq wars and the terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

• Direct traffic to your blogs with microblogging

It is an excellent and inexpensive way to make writing content for a website fun, which you otherwise would have struggled with. Your blog may be lengthy, verbose and irrelevant to some, but you can still gather some amount of traffic to your blog by posting its link in your corporate microblog. While you are advertising your blog in your mini blog you must choose words carefully and craftily to grab attention, or even better have someone else advertise your blog, this will raise curiosity in your target audience to a great extent.

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