How to Use Social Media to Sell More Products Online

How to Use Social Media to Sell More Products Online

By Abhishek Rungta May 27, 2016 - 2,224 views

Social media is now a very important aspect of marketing. No company can choose not to use social media because everyone else is using it already. This is not a new trend that one must be discussing but there are certain things that can be improved with respect to social media marketing in 2016. These techniques will also help to sell more products online.

The social networks that one must really focus on are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These three social networks are likely to grow in popularity and with their own advertising platforms, these three social media giants will help you to sell more products, regardless of whom you are selling to. It is to be noted that Instagram is owned by Facebook while Twitter is still an independent entity. If you are looking towards advertising on any of these websites, try to do the ground research first and then attempt to come up with a strategy.

There are several ways with which you can use social media tools to sell more products online. Some of them are:

1. Have a Twitter campaign for each product

Each product should have a specific Twitter campaign dedicated to it. You can have these campaigns simultaneously for different products. As Twitter has a very lateral narrative approach and people usually do not go back to read what you tweeted hours ago, you will need to be consistent with your approach, which means, tweet repeatedly about the same product in different ways and contexts.

2. Use Facebook carousel ads

Facebook’s carousel ads are great for introducing several products at once. It allows you to share 3 to 5 images at one go, so that you can promote all products or related products. This helps you to gain greater mileage than static ads. Facebook carousel ads can be used to showcase services too and if you can produce explainer videos, it is a great idea to incorporate them into your ads.

3. Integrate Instagram into ad campaigns

Instagram is used by many companies to engage their audiences. Each time there is an event or some news, share it on Instagram to humanize your company. Do not use Instagram to share your products as that will likely put off your followers. Instead, use Instagram to send your followers to your landing page.

4. Tell your brand story across platforms

Your brand’s story must be consistent and must be shared across social platforms. For instance, if you are making a product for men who are looking at gaining mass, create a story that is consistent and publish it on all social channels without being repetitive. This takes the effort of course but a good social media agency will help you to do that.


Certainly, these techniques are likely to generate a lot of curiosity among users and will likely drive traffic to your website. When you use omni-channel techniques with these social media approaches, you will be able to sell more products, thanks to increased brand awareness. Certainly, 2016 will heavily depend on social platforms to drive sales figures up.


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