Top Reasons for Companies to Outsource Web Development Projects including Top Fortune 50
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Top Reasons for Companies to Outsource Web Development Projects including Top Fortune 50

By Syed Zainul Haque November 15, 2018 - 3,034 views

It is a common practice for most Fortune 50 companies to outsource web development projects. They believe in ‘making their presence noticeable online and showing their competitive prowess in relevant fields.’ The outsourcing companies are helping global business firms to develop their websites. India is one of the best destinations for outsourcing web development projects.  The reasons being, cost-effective services, a big pool of English-speaking qualified personnel, and cutting-edge technological solutions. The top Fortune 50 companies outsource to get the support for its web development maintenance and updates. 

Do only small businesses or startups outsource web development projects?

Of course not! You may know that Google IT is outsourcing web development activities to Indian firms. Yes, you heard it right! Google IT, after Apple, has started outsourcing its software service activities to Indian IT firms. 

Analysts from around the world estimated this global giant to spend hundreds of million dollars per year on outsourcing its IT services. 

Recently, Google has started to outsource software development to some of its non-core business activities too. These include software development, management of IT infrastructure, and maintenance of IT services.

But what makes outsourcing web development projects so attractive? Here are the top reasons behind it.


Hiring in-house teams can consume time, and money for maintaining expensive inventories, IT equipment, and tools.  

However, outsourcing can help you get rid of these costs. You just need to pay the project costs as per the agreement. A top-rated development company is likely to have all the necessary resources for web development. 


According to a recent CNBC report, the average time to recruit engineering candidates is about 49 days. And that of IT and business development candidates are 44 days and 39 days respectively. Because web development doesn’t mean hiring developers only. You need to have a team that includes UI/UX designers, testing and QA engineers, etc. So, you can get a brief idea about the number of days it will take to create your in-house team. 

Whereas, an outsourcing development company has a team of experts ready. And they have experience in delivering projects on time. 

Outsource web development projects to relieve your stress

The whole idea of outsourcing is to focus on core business processes without worrying about secondary business activities. Because an external team of experts is ready to deliver quality work at a given deadline.  So, you do not have to take the stress anymore. 

It might also happen that you get a project that is out of your core area of expertise. In such cases, outsourcing saves you both time as well as reduces the estimated cost. It provides you support at a reasonable cost without hurting your budget.

Quick and flexible approach

The best part of hiring a suitable outsourcing team is their expert skill set and flexible working hours. Outsourcing offers talented people delivering quality products within a short span. The development teams are proficient in the latest technologies and agile strategic management for web development. 

Works smarter with greater focus

Are you stuck with a time-consuming assignment? Is an alarming deadline shifting your focus from the core company tasks? 

The answer to all your troubles is outsourcing! Outsourcing is an excellent option to shift workload to concentrate on the more vital business areas. So, you can opt for outsourcing for all of the unplanned or mismanaged assignments or tasks. 

Better productivity of internal teams

Outsourcing can motivate your internal resources to focus on more vital business activities of the company. The in-house employees can handle crucial projects with complete concentration. They can utilize their full productivity to manage it at a better level. 

This way outsourcing can help you to build up a better workplace focusing on core business areas. Because an expert outsourcing team will take care of your secondary activities. Hence, outsourcing is overall “An Absolute Win-Win Scenario.”

Mitigate risks by outsourcing web development projects

Outsourcing reduces the associated risks as the developers will have past projects’ expertise and experience. Based on that, they will only provide solutions that have been successful. Besides, these developers are good at reducing the risks associated with updates and security management.

Always remember that a legal contract is an integral part of outsourcing. It includes some important aspects like NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), time clause, performance clause, exit clause, etc.

So, a development company hires an experienced project manager to do adequate planning and execution of best practices.


Website development comprises a wide array of activities other than just website designing. The website interface has got lots of backend activities that need maintenance and constant updates. So, why will you take the onus of these hectic tasks? When most Fortune 500 companies prefer to outsource web development, why not you?

Outsourcing web development projects is one of the proven business strategies across the globe. The website outsourcing companies in India are serving with gratitude to the clients who are not only start-ups but also big Fortune 50 companies.

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