Top Reasons for Companies to Outsource Web Development Projects including Top Fortune 50?
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Top Reasons for Companies to Outsource Web Development Projects including Top Fortune 50?

By Syed Zainul Haque November 15, 2018 - 2,446 views

Outsourcing can be described as a tested business strategy, to achieve the technique of receiving the required digital expertise at the moment of need. Outsourcing the web designing and development part is a common practice for most Fortune 50 companies. They believe in
‘making their presence noticeable online and showing their competitive prowess in relevant fields’.

The Website outsourcing companies in India are helping the global business firms to get their websites developed. The top fortune 50 companies outsource for getting the support for its web development maintenance and updates. They hire web development agencies from mostly India and China (according to surveys) and outsources web-related activities, which is responsible to keep the interfaces updated and maintain it from time to time.

An excellent example of the recent times is that Google IT is outsourcing its web development activities to Indian firms. Yes, you heard it right! Google IT, after Apple, has started outsourcing its software service activities to Indian IT firms. Analysts from around the world estimated this global giant to spend hundreds of million dollars per year on outsourcing its IT services. For past few years now Google is outsourcing its software maintenance as well as several development projects to Genpact, Infosys and few other 3rd party technology vendors.

Recently, this Fortune 500 company has started to outsource software development partner some of its non-core business activities which include software development, management of IT infrastructure and maintenance to IT services.

The whole idea of outsourcing is to focus on core business processes without wasting your time in the secondary business activities which can be done by a temporary external team of experts, delivering to you quality work at a given deadline – So, you do not have to take any more stress than what is absolutely needed. Also, there are chances that the project given to you is out of your core area of expertise, in such cases, outsourcing saves you both time as well as reduces the estimated cost. It provides you support at a reasonable cost – without spending a large sum of money on recruiting costly in-house professional experts.

With outsourcing, you can motivate your internal resources to focus on more vital business activities of the company – hence, releasing them from taking the responsibility of completion of secondary activities which you can easily outsource. The in-house employees can handle crucial projects with complete concentration and utilize their full productivity to manage it at a better level. This way outsourcing can help you to build up a better workplace focusing on core business areas while having a team of experts taking care of secondary activities – hence, you don’t waste time or money… “An Absolute Win-Win Scenario”.

Outsourcing = ↓Time + ↓Cost ⇒ ↑ Quality + ↑ Competitive Advantage
↑ Focus on Core Business Strategies

The effective value of time

The in-house recruitment process stands as a lengthy process and also consumes more time with other expensive inventories. The process has changed a lot while the entire process is offshored. This has also produced more other linked benefits.


The competitive global market has made the companies to get expert opinions. The outsourcing companies have got those skilled professionals who can guide and also help to deploy or maintain the website.

Work – optimization – Expertise within Deadline

When the firms outsource its development division in the hands of the skillful professionals, they can easily concentrate on the other major areas. Management should ensure the proper overview status of the outsourced work. They might not need to understand the core functionalities; however, the work achieved would showcase a result oriented project.

Transparency in the workflow

When you are deploying a project, the business might not know all the functionalities. However, since they are concerned about the status of the project, they would always look down for the reports. The development outsourced firms always have the proficiency in maintaining proper project dashboards with other tools to record the productivity and other effective reports.

Quick and Flexible Approach

The best part of hiring a suitable outsourcing team is their expert skill set and flexible working hours. Outsourcing offers talented people delivering quality products within a short span of time, which aids to business growth. Outsourcing can be done for a wide variety of activity – whether fixing a quick problem, maintenance of a WordPress site, bridging the employee gap ( in case of leave) or for filling in knowledge. A company can depend on outsourcing resources for long term or short term assignments.

Hiring an outsourcing agency who are proficient in the latest communication technologies and agile strategic management for software development is a better option – but keep in mind that you and the outsourcing agency shares a transparent communication process. Outsourcing agencies who have worked in similar areas which are required by you are easy to collaborate and work with.

Work Smarter with Greater Focus

Stuck with a time – consuming assignments with an alarming deadline which is shifting your focus from the core company tasks? The answer to all your troubles is outsourcing. Outsourcing is an excellent option for both growing business and also multinational companies wanting to shift their workload to concentrate on the more vital business areas. Outsourcing offers an external support to the company in a variety of activities – right from software development to web designing, content creation, and blogging. Various agencies are also hired for outsourcing in fields such as programming, app development, logo designing, customer support, filling in the gap for employees on leave, fixing of a quick technical glitch, maintaining and updating of WordPress sites. So for all of the unplanned or mismanaged assignments or tasks you can opt for outsourcing – without having to hire new employees or expert professionals.

Reduction of Risk

Several companies outsource various parts of their website development, web design, and content development to experts agencies for mitigating the risks involved in timely project management – also for on-time updates and better maintenance. Fortune 50 companies along with other MNCs are an active participant in outsourcing various activities of their companies so as to give their full concentration on the main business strategies.

Mitigation of risks can be done by selecting an outsource web development agency keeping in mind these tips and tricks:

● A Project Management System with the Latest Technologies
● Approved Strategy for Development of Applications
● An Efficient Technique to Remodel, Redesign and Migrate of the Old Websites to a Newer Environment
● A Strong WordPress Support
● Experienced and Technical Support to Build New and Appealing Websites to Enhance Branding of the Company, Promoting Business Growth
● Reliable and Competent SEO Service for WordPress Powered Websites

Outsourcing of Web development is one of the most accepted business strategies across the globe, which helps in the development of the business. Website development comprises of a wide array of activities other than just website designing. Website interface has got lots of backend activities which needs maintenance and constant updates. The website outsourcing companies in India are serving with gratitude to the clients who are not only start-ups but also big Fortune 50 companies.

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