5 Questions That Can Land You That Dream Job
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5 Questions That Can Land You That Dream Job

By Priyobroto December 09, 2022 - 139 views

Are you trying to switch your job? If so, you must be applying and appear for various interviews. 

All the best, while we imagine a situation. You are appearing for an interview and it’s going well so far. You have answered almost every question your interviewer has asked. 

And then, this question drops on you “Do you have any questions for me?” 

What are you going to answer? Are you going to say “NONE”? 

Never Say No

By saying no, you may not bag that job. Why so? You need to think from the perspective of a recruiter. An interview is a two-way process where a recruiter examines whether or not you are a perfect fit for that company. On the other hand, you are examining whether or not this company will enable your career goals and personal growth. 

A company wants someone joining their organisation who is enthusiastic and engaged. And what’s the way to showcase that? Communication! 

You need to communicate and ask the right questions that make you the most suitable candidate. 

A Resume Is Just A Conversation Starter

Your resume creates a grand picture of your achievements. But no one has the spare time to figure out how you have accomplished them. The errors you made, the moments you stumbled, and the lessons you discovered – nothing. 

Thus whenever your interviewer asks you that question, you can ask a few questions keeping in mind the following points. 

  1. Responsibilities of your job role

You may have gone through the job description but most times it doesn’t say it all. It’s always better to hear things straight from the horse’s mouth. 

Your interviewer will clarify all the expectations that the company has from your job role. This way, you will be able to understand if the job meets your skills and experience, eliminating any nasty surprises when you start.  

  1. Work processes of the company 

You can ask about the workplace structure to analyse how work is done in the company and how the various departments interact to get big tasks done. 

  1. Response time after an interview 

Asking your interviewer for an estimate of when they could be making their final choice or a timeline for their next step in the process. We would suggest asking for a specific date or week or tenure. 

This way, you will feel more confident and get a good night’s sleep without thinking about when you will get to know about the outcome of your interview. 

  1. Achievements to be made in the first three months

The first few days at a new organisation will be overwhelming, with you meeting new people, getting accustomed to a new environment, and more. But there’s another important thing to remember. 

You need to be crystal clear about the things your organisation expects from you within the first weeks of your joining. Also, it shows recruiters that you are eager to make a positive contribution to the workplace. 

  1. Favorite part of working in this organisation

Perhaps, this is one of the best ways to build camaraderie with your interviewer. We all love to talk about ourselves, especially about happy moments. And your interviewer won’t be an exception, hopefully. 

You will get insider information about the company’s workplace culture, fun activities and colleagues. 

Bottomline? Any interview process is a two-way street. Recruiters play mind games to find out exactly what kind of worker you are. Asking the right questions can help you cross your recruiter’s mind and stand out amongst the crowd. 

Over to you now.

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