Retail News Wrap | Weekly Snippets 

Retail News Wrap | Weekly Snippets 

By Soumya Banerjee July 14, 2023 - 110 views

With AI-powered tools, Auchan Retail is bringing you a new level of convenience, personalisation, and efficiency as it launches an extraordinary smart store.

✅ Dollar General is stepping into the future of shopping with Amazon-style technology that allows customers to leave without checking out.

✅ VOSMOS empowers D2C brands to create immersive virtual stores that provide an engaging and personalised shopping experience.

✅ Jane Technologies’ innovative platform is set to transform the way cannabis dispensaries operate, making transactions scalable, seamless and efficient.

Retail News Wrap | Weekly Snippets 
Retail News Wrap | Weekly Snippets 

Unveiling the latest in retail: Stay informed with our comprehensive retail news wrap, featuring trends, innovations, and industry insights

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