Small Business Owners, Make Your Display Ads Work!
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Small Business Owners, Make Your Display Ads Work!

By Mainak Biswas June 29, 2013 - 559 views

Online display advertising or banner advertising has been prevalent in the advertising industry since 18 long years. Small business owners may find it worrisome to manage the campaign, given the fact that a lot of resources should be utilized to make the campaign a successful one.

Here are a few tips to make the most out of your display ads:

1. Use great graphics

The ads should sport intricately woven graphics in order to be attracting and at the same time appealing to the prospective customer, setting a precedent in designing.

2. Manage campaigns effectively

These campaigns demand a complex administration process to be in place, involving the use of ad servers. It is up to you to manage them smartly.

3. Negotiate with web publishers

You should have a way with words to negotiate contracts with website publishers (a number of them), taking them in your stride and garner a huge customer base by having your ads strewn in every possible place, over the vast expanse of virtual space that the internet wields its clout over.

4. Use humor

Don’t shy away from using a bit of humor in your ads. When the audience is thoroughly entertained, it becomes obvious that the ad lingers in their mind for a long time. This retention of your ad in their memory can also make your brand a household name. It should also be noted that the humor that you use should be something on the lines that the audience can relate to, such as those relating to particular strata of the society, be it middle class, upper middle class, high class and the like. It can also relate to people of various interests such as foodies, travelers and people of various occupations.

5. Become socially aware and show that you are!

Tie up with some NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) that support a benevolent cause. Announce that for the every purchase that the customers make, a part of it is donated for the so and so charitable cause. It is better to tie up with a popular NGO that is synonymous with charity- such as Red Cross, homes for destitute or juvenile delinquents, educational institutions that are into the education of the girl child, rehabilitation homes for the disaster-stricken families, orphanages, hospices for the elderly, organizations ministering to the prisoners in their emotional needs or education of theirs and their children, hospices for the paraplegic or quadriplegic soldiers and war widows. This is way too beneficial from a philanthropic perspective.

6. Be mindful of your target audience

Bear in mind what section of the audience you are targeting and narrow down to a small section of that audience. Carry a few test runs on this audience as to whether there is a promise of ROI by going with them. Research on this customer database thoroughly as to how they react to specific acts of entertainment and rely on the information you have obtained from a number of surveys you have conducted on them and statistics you have collected from various reliable sources.

The surveys should be an exhaustive and a voluminous compilation of questionnaire that has to be answered by ticking checkboxes next to the information. Paid surveys are best suited for this type of your endeavour as people won’t vouch for voluminous surveys as they can take a large chunk out of their precious time. If you opt for free surveys, they have to be conducted on weekends as there is loads of time available for the subject of the surveys and people are less likely to run errands for their family at this time as most public utilities and offices are closed. Locations should preferably be the ones bustling with people involved in leisurely activities such as parks, benches along the boulevard, malls flooded with window shoppers and the like.

7. Target your consumers

Use demographic, behavioural and geographical targeting on your customer database.

8. Share ad costs

Share ad costs of neighbor businesses like video stores or pizza parlours. Share each other’s coupons.

9. Become a renegade

Use unusual approaches to tackle larger competitors, such as music, punch-lines and the like.

10. Be ready and prepared

Plan for emergencies. You never know what your competitors are up to.

Incorporating all these tips in your display ads can ensure that the tables are turned in favor of your esteemed business to make it a flourishing one.

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