Today’s Top Tech News From Indus Net Technologies
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Today’s Top Tech News From Indus Net Technologies

By Mainak Biswas September 14, 2016 - 1,004 views
  1. New Tracking Sensors for Enriching Mobile VR

uSens tracking sensors will enhance user interaction with virtual objects. The new sensors are inclined closely towards mobile VR.  Their advanced ability to track user location makes them one of the sought-after innovations in mobile VR space. #vr

2. Facebook’s Trending Topics a Farce?

Facebook was at the receiving end when its robot promoted a fake story about Fox anchor Megyn Kelly. The goof up came as a result of messed up algorithm after Facebook laid-off its human editorial staff.  #social

3. Follow Wisely With Tailor-Made Instagram Stories

Don’t worry if you find your Instagram friends boring. Instagram will now suggest you stories through its Explore section based on your likings and interests. Follow what you like and who you like.  #social

  4. Behavioral Targeting Delights Snapchat Advertisers

Behavioral Targeting will allow marketers to target users based on their activity within the app. Advertisers always felt a lack of targeting and measurement on Snapchat; better late than never. #social

 5. Google Makes Tag Management Easier

This new collaborative feature is aimed to resolve workflow challenges faced by team workers while making and editing tags. The new feature is available on Google Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360.  #analytics

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