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By Abhishek Rungta September 21, 2016 - 784 views

Oracle Is All Bombast after Launching IaaS Data Centers

Oracle’s Larry Ellison claimed Amazon’s lead in the cloud business is over, because Oracle just released its second generation IaaS data centers. Fanciful as it might sound, dramatic claims such as these have a PR value, and declarations such as these get written about quickly. Larry sure knows how to grab some headlines. Will Oracle’s IaaS solutions outpace Amazon’s products? Only time shall tell. #corporate #cloud

Google to Launch AI-powered Chat App

Google is soon going to release Allo, an AI-powered chat application that lets you call people in your contact list. What sets this app apart is, it makes use of expression tools and helps you co-ordinate with your friends and family easily. Will people warm up to yet another chat application, even if it is AI-powered? #apps #AI

Google Launches Trip Management App

Google has released a new app to manage your trips and travels, and it is available on iOS and Android. Google Trips helps you book plane tickets, make hotel reservations and even guides you around the town you are visiting. You can download most of the content, allowing you to use it online and avoid international roaming charges. #apps

DropBox Sneaking Into Mac Computers?

DropBox is apparently using a dirty trick to gain access to Apple Mac OS X computers. SQL databases are being tampered by DropBox to access Mac OS X computers, according to Phil Stokes, a developer and blogger. DropBox defended the SQL trick by saying it is required to run its app on Apple computers efficiently. #security #storage

Outsourcing Giant Mitie Warns of Reduced Profits

With Britain’s exit from EU looming, outsourcing giant Mitie has warned that its profits will be ‘materially below’. Mitie may not be the only company to be affected by Brexit and other outsourcing giants are running into issues too. Could this bit of news affect other outsourcing companies in the UK too? #outsourcing

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