Today’s Top Technology News From Indus Net Technologies
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Today’s Top Technology News From Indus Net Technologies

By Abhishek Rungta September 13, 2016 - 898 views


  1. Data Analytics Prevents Cyber Attacks on Govt

A research report suggests that big data analytics helped the federal government significantly to minimize cyber security breaches.  The threat still looms large and the challenge is to process huge amount of data to gain critical insights on a regular basis.  #analytics


  1. Locate Content Within Apps with Google In-Apps

A new tab in Google Search called In-Apps will allow you to search content located only on your apps like messages, contact info, notes etc.  The feature interestingly works offline too because the content is located on your mobile.  #apps


  1. Growing Digital Addiction Bad for Kids

A study published recently argues that digital addiction among kids poses a grave danger to their physical, mental and emotional health. Relentless gazing into their digital devices makes them digital junkies. However, others find these claims unfounded and exaggerated. #health


  1. Mobile Number Enough to Make Payments

Government of India unveiled its ambitious Unified Payment Interface (UPI).  Executed with the help of UPI-enabled banking app, it will allow smartphone users to make or receive person-to-person and ecommerce payments without revealing their bank account details. #mobile


  1. Don’t Expect Much from Google’s Mobile Update

The new Android 7.0 Nougat comes with improved notifications and better performance. Anyone who expected a great deal of change as compared to its previous version might be disappointed. Still, it is worth the change. #apps #mobile

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