Top 5 Reasons Why Startups Should Choose WordPress
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Top 5 Reasons Why Startups Should Choose WordPress

By Abhishek Rungta November 30, 2016 - 2,038 views

Though not as glamorous as some of the new technologies, WordPress as a CMS platform has been one of the most trusted in business circles. Why? It is not as complex or robust as some of its peers such as Joomla, Drupal and others. Yet, WordPress brings a special kind of simplicity to the table that is hard to ignore. This is precisely why WordPress-hosted websites continue to remain popular among not only startups but also major news websites and publishing companies.

WordPress as a content management system has already proved itself, with more than a decade of empirical evidence of its efficacy. Today, WordPress continues to be one of the most popular CMS and it will remain so even in the future.

In this article, let us discuss a few more reasons why startups should focus more on WordPress-built websites than anything else.

  • Easy to Install

Most people who start businesses do not have technical skills. This means, they will often have to rely upon expensive developers and coders to get their websites up and running. However, choosing WordPress has its own benefits. All one needs to do is buy a domain, host it under a plan, and then do an automatic install of WordPress from the CPanel. The next step is to install a theme that one may like. And the website is already hosted! All these things will not take more than an hour or two, and there is no technical skill required to install WordPress.

Moreover, future updates are regularly sent to the website’s dashboard, and all that one needs to do is just click on the ‘update now’ button, and the website gets updated. There is nothing that is remotely difficult in installing a WordPress website. This is probably why it is important for startups to use WordPress. By using WordPress, startups will avoid unnecessary installation costs that they will otherwise have to pay, if they go ahead with full-scale web development.

  • Very SEO-friendly

One of the biggest problems that new businesses face is lack of visibility. In a world that is hugely dominated by content, search engine optimization has not lost its importance. Instead, it has taken on a new level of importance. SEO tactics are no more shady practices involving keywords. Instead, search engine optimization is built on using the best keywords that suit a business and building great content around it. WordPress helps startups to key in meta-data, keywords and other such information while also ensuring that blog posts and articles are search engine optimized.

Moreover, the way WordPress is built is quite SEO friendly. This helps websites that run on WordPress to appear more frequently in Google search results. This is something that new businesses desperately need. If they receive even a small push to becoming visible in search results, they will gain quite a lot. Certainly, WordPress and its SEO-friendly build helps startups to gain new leads, drive more traffic and ultimately, increase profits and revenue.

  • No need for technical or coding skills

Usually, startups do not have a big budget for hiring developers or professional designers. They usually prefer to build a website on their own. This is great if the startup owner knows a little bit of coding or if he or she is a coder. However, a majority of startup owners are not coders and they simply do not have the resources to hire professional web developers. WordPress comes to the rescue of these people as you simply do not need to have any HTML or PHP knowledge to set up the website.

All you need to do is simply install the website, and start publishing posts or filling up content. As there are tutorials available on YouTube and elsewhere, anyone can simply start setting up a WordPress website that looks as professional as any other. This is one of the reasons why WordPress is so popular among startup owners.

  • Customer support is always available

Though WordPress is open source, it has a network of hundreds of thousands of developers on its forums and groups, many of whom provide free advice and support. While it may take some time to get the help that is needed, free support is always available to those who are looking for it. For those who prefer custom solutions, there is always the option of custom WordPress development, which comes with customer support, maintenance and other features. Startups can go this route as even this will cost a lot less than building an entire website from the scratch.

  • Used all over the world

WordPress is used all over the world, and your freelance writer probably needs no introduction to it. If you are planning to set up a website and have someone fill up the content, WordPress is one of the best tools around. Almost every content writer knows how to use WordPress, and you simply have to give them your tasks and your blog or website will be updated with content regularly. WordPress is a universally used content management system (CMS), and if your website ever runs into trouble, you will always find a developer who will be able to fix it for you for a very low price. This is one of the reasons why WordPress continues to be popular among startup owners.

WordPress is one of the best solutions for those on a budget

If you have recently started a company and are looking for setting up a website, WordPress is a great option if you are on a budget. WordPress is not only cost-effective, it is quite robust too. Firstly, it is easy to install and you will not need to deploy expensive software programs. Second, it is SEO-friendly, which means, you will be discovered easily. Third, you do not need to learn HTML or coding in order to use WordPress. Fourth, it is always easy to find customer support for a small cost. Finally, WordPress is universally used even by large companies. If you need customization or support, there are agencies which will help you fix issues with your website.

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