How to Write a Good Case Study
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How to Write a Good Case Study

By Mainak Biswas November 18, 2015 - 1,996 views

A good case study is not very easy to write. It takes an enormous amount of research, observation and analysis. It is always based on measurable and traceable results. If you are planning to write a case study for your company, think about it for a while.

Your case study is meant to explore possible solutions to a problem and finally reveal to the world how your solutions helped your client to solve it. Already, it should be clear to you that your case study serves the purpose of showing how a certain solution helped a client to achieve a certain goal.

A little more about case studies

The case study could be written for prospective clients, evaluators or researchers. Case studies that are primarily written for evaluators or researchers tend to be longer and more scientific than the ones written for clients or marketing purposes. In this article, we shall focus on writing a good case study for the purpose of marketing. Marketing-related case studies are shorter in length and require a clear picture of how your products or services helped a client.

For this, you need to gather all the facts and figures in place. Secondly, you need to understand your client and look at your own solutions from their point of view. Your prospective client would be facing a similar problem and thus, wearing their shoes and writing from their point of view will help you to present the case study in a better format. Finally, the solution described should encourage readers to opt for your service or product.

This means you need to be as honest and compelling as possible, without seeming like you are trying to persuade people into buying your offerings. Instead, you should aim to getting people to read your case study and make an informed decision. This boils down to crunching data, representing and explaining measurable ROIs. Let us take a look at a good and simple format of a case study.

The method of writing a case study

You need to first describe a business problem and then elucidate alternative solutions. Finally, you need to propose a preferred solution, which usually is what you offer as a product or service. To do this, you need to identify the problems of your subject (the business or client who is the topic of the case study) and explain why those problems existed, how they impacted them and what really was responsible for those problems.

Next, you could point out statistics and figures from your research and data or from external resources, your case study will be strong when you have supporting evidence to the claim that you are making. Finally, describe how your solution helped your client to move forward.

The format should be something like this. You can always alter it the way you want to:

1.     Introduction

Here, state the key problems and issues. Come up with a thesis statement and summarize your analysis.

2.     Background

Describe all the problems and maintaining factors. Also, discuss what the client has been experiencing and undergoing.

3.     Alternative solutions

Here, you need to state a few alternatives and explain why these alternatives do not work.

4.     Proposed solutions

Provide your own solution to the problem and describe how this solution helped your client. Include quotes, anecdotes etc to make it interesting.

5.     Provide recommendations

The reason you are writing a case study is to attract more clients. Thus, provide recommendations to the readers and how your solution can be used by clients with similar problems.

Looking forward

A good case study helps you to attract the kind of audience you would want to attract. It helps to boost traffic, gain respect and also ensure that you are not left behind when every company is investing in content marketing. Case studies are becoming increasingly important along with whitepapers and eBooks.

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