YouTube Card- The New Tool of YouTube Video Marketing
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YouTube Card- The New Tool of YouTube Video Marketing

By Mainak Biswas May 18, 2015 - 2,227 views

YouTube is not just a forum to watch the most desired videos; it is also an opportunity to market your business to millions of people. The platform is perfect for building business client relationships and to reap the benefits of creative marketing strategy. Most importantly, there are no big budgets.

If YouTube is still not a part of your social media business marketing, it’s high time that you consider this medium for your business growth. As people are treating YouTube channels as almost like a homepage of a website, YouTube introduced YouTube Cards that allow you to add more interactive cards to your videos. The elements including custom images, titles and call-to-action text integrated within YouTube Cards add an extra layer of interactivity to your video content.

YouTube Cards

YouTube Cards are side bar options shown on YouTube videos. They allow users to place external links, call-to-actions and other YouTube related videos. You no longer have to anticipate whether your audience would remember your website address you mentioned or check the video description for a link. They can simply click on your video card to check for any important information.

The Six Different Types of Card you can add to your Videos

  • Merchandise Card

Merchandise card helps in promoting a creator’s licensed merchandise directly from the video.

  • Fan Funding Card

This type of card allows your fans to appreciate your videos and make monetary contribution directly to your video page.

  • Fundraising Card

This card link viewers directly to the projects on whitelist fundraising sites.

  • Video or Playlist Card

This card helps in linking to another public YouTube video or playlist, which can interest other viewers of the current video.

  • Playlist Card

Playlist card helps in promoting various playlists on YouTube.

  • Associated Website Card

You can directly link your viewers to your website through YouTube card.

Ensure whichever card you use aligns with the goals of your YouTube video.

Features that make the card widely accepted among its users

  • It is easy to customize the card with images, titles and call-to-actions.
  • If you use three cards or less, you’ll have higher click-through rates.
  • Although cards are available to open and view at any time, you can choose any particular time for the card’s teaser to appear in your video. Users can make the card icon appear and click the ‘i’ tab for getting the desired card.
  • YouTube cards function across all mobile and desktop devices. This is a great advantage, especially, for those who gets frustrated by the lack of annotations when they watch YouTube video on Smartphones.
  • The card’s performance can be checked in YouTube’s Analytics.
  • YouTube is still surfacing the most relevant card teasers, based on fan behaviour, card performance and the devices users are using to watch the videos.

Here’s how your business can benefit from new school of YouTube Marketing

You have more audience to your website

Each video you create needs to have a clear goal; and this is where the call-to-action is important in your card. YouTube Card allows you to send viewers to other pages on your website. However, ensure that you know where they need to go and what you want them to do once they get there. For instance, if your video is about ‘how-to-guide’, you can accordingly use a card and send it to your audience to discover the tips and guidance on your site. You might also add the link of your ‘how-to-guide’ video to your blog.

Your audience are well-aware of your brand

Video marketing is an effective way to make your prospects aware of what’s new and happening within your brand. Use YouTube card to discuss a particular topic, about products and services or answering common questions, especially, when your website has blog articles & valuable information for the viewers to read.

Direct promotion of your products and services

YouTube video cards are quite impressive when it is about promoting your products. One great way of showcasing your products is by creating and publishing a series of short videos for your viewers to know who you are. You might also create a video that demonstrates what you’re selling or how to use your products. Once you’re done with your video, incorporate a YouTube card to promote the entire product and a link & call-to-action to buy them.

You have your viewers’ email addresses

Email list is a significant aspect of customer relationship development in your business. As YouTube video can have up to 5 YouTube cards, one of them can be an enticement to sign up for email address. Place a URL to one of your lead magnets where users will have to share their email addresses to receive it. Email marketing is crucial to stay in touch with your audience, warm them up and promote your products & services. While you offer free content in exchange for an email sign up through YouTube card, you’re actually giving your potential customers the opportunity to learn more about you and your offerings.

So, here’s your chance to make your YouTube channel a destination to generate more leads.

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