Top Tech News; 17 October 2016
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Top Tech News; 17 October 2016

By Abhishek Rungta October 17, 2016 - 1,276 views
  1. From Now On, Control Facebook Messenger’s Data Appetite

If you had begun to curse Facebook Messenger for all the data it consumes as compared to other apps, you can heave a sigh of relief. Future versions will allow you to control how data is consumed and downloaded, leading to a reduction in data consumption and probably avoid bill shocks.

  1. Mitsuku Wins Most Human-like Chatbot Award

Not a day goes without something about chatbots being discussed. Mitsuku, a chatbot created by Steve Worswick won the Loebner Prize for being the most human-like chatbot this year again. Read more to understand what this bot does and why it won the prize this year all over again.

  1. Twilio’s Voice Insights Brings Call Quality Tests for App Developers

Those of you who have struggled to bring great call quality to your apps can now use Twilio’s Voice Insights, a great analytics solution that helps developers to adjust their apps to bring the best call quality possible. With Twilio’s Voice Insights, you can build an app that has a tried and tested call quality.

  1. Gitless Makes Using Git Easier

It is no secret that Git is hard to use but it offers great resources to those who are looking for it. Git’s problems lie deeper than its interface, and Gitless aims to change that. Gitless helps you to make using Git easier and build better apps.

  1. Google’s Go Rises in Popularity

Of all the programming languages that have risen to popularity, the story of Google’s Go has been a remarkable one. Tiobe once again revealed that Google’s Go is now the 16th most popular programming language, with Java, C++ and C# being the most popular on the list.

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