Top Tech News; 26 Sep 2016
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Top Tech News; 26 Sep 2016

By Abhishek Rungta September 26, 2016 - 933 views


  1. Now, Stream Apps Directly to Facebook

BlueStacks has just announced that it released a solution to stream apps directly to Facebook. In fact, streaming apps could be as easy as streaming videos on YouTube. What’s more, creators can control the layout and design of the app without spending much resource. This could be a game changing development, if it works well. #apps #development


  1. Smart Home Devices Are a Security Nightmare

While more homes are getting smarter thanks to Internet of Things and other technologies, there seem to be a lot of loopholes and gaps causing security threats. ABI Research revealed that more than 360 million smart home devices will be shipped by 2020, and not all of these are secure. This is a virtual security nightmare waiting to happen, unless we wise up. #ai #security #iot


  1. Deploying Apps Hurriedly Leading to Security Threats

Ponemon Institute and F5 Networks released the findings of a study in which IT security professionals were polled. An interesting finding of the poll was that most companies are hurriedly deploying apps, without considering security challenges. Hurry makes curry, and if app development doesn’t take security into consideration, the curry won’t taste good. #security


  1. Weebly Launches Email Marketing Module

Weebly, the popular website builder and ecommerce marketplace is now adding features to rival Shopify’s features. In addition, it even offers an in-house developed email marketing module. Business owners will find this extremely useful. #ecommerce


  1. Mobile Marketers, Get Ready to Lose $100 Million to Fraud

AppsFlyer, a mobile attributing and marketing analytics firm revealed that mobile app marketers might lose nearly $100 million this year due to fraud. This will mostly include app install and engagement advertising fraud on the rise. This is one finding that is going to rattle a number of marketing departments. #mobile #marketing #security


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