How to Write a Blog

How to Write a Blog

By Mainak Biswas July 01, 2013 - 1,151 views

Writing blogs has become quite popular nowadays. The current generation thinks it to be one of the most effective means of mass communication. In fact, some of the blogs are good enough to attract millions of readers each day; and this is what motivates a blogger even more to write. Now, writing a blog can really be an enjoyable task provided you know how to write it. After all, writing an effective blog is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, before you plan to write a blog, it is utmost important that you know what a blog is.

A blog is an online journal that is updated regularly. Such a journal can be both short as well as long. However, there is one attribute that makes a blog stand unique from other forms of writing – that is a blog is informal in nature. Blogs are written quite casually and often they are found to be about unpredictable topics. Another most noticeable feature about blogs is that they include engaging and interesting subject matters. However, if you are creative enough you might make a mundane topic to attract audience that an interesting topic cant. After all, its about how you present the topic to the readers. If you use an engaging voice and writing style, then the blog written by you is sure to be more effective.

No matter how you write, ensure that you follow the following three key principles to blog writing:

Develop your own writing style and use an appropriate tone for the topic

This is believed to be the most important aspect of blog writing. Developing and maintaining a particular writing style and voice is not that easy. You need to keep a number of things in mind:

First and foremost, try to pen down your thoughts the way you normally speak. Remember, blog is nothing but a conversation. Avoid using jargon and over-using the Thesaurus. You might find it helpful to read the content aloud. It would help you identify whether it is written the way you speak to your friends.

Secondly, it would be great if the topic chosen by you allows you to write it keeping any of your family members of close friends in mind. It would relax the writing style and make the content of the blog sound more like you are speaking. A blog should never sound like a lofty essay.

Thirdly, identify your target audiences. This would not just help you choose a topic appropriate to them but even help you know which information to be included in your writing and which is already known to them.

Finally, develop a habit of reading other blogs that are similar to your chosen subject matter. Reading a few of such blogs before you actually start writing would help you gain an insight about blog writing.

Post frequently

Writing a blog doesn’t necessarily mean that you will write it once in a while. Its just the contrary. If you write well, you have to continue writing blog frequently. The more you blog, the more would it be visited by online readers. In fact, writing a good blog would necessitate spending some time for it everyday. It might not be the case that you write everyday but keep blog writing on the back of your mind in everything you do. You never know when you come across an interesting topic or subject matter that you might want to write about next.

Allow the readers to post comments on your written blog

Though it is not directly related to writing a blog but allowing the readers of your blog comment on it can really enhance your blog writing skill. After all, readers are the best people to judge the quality of your content; and those comments would help you understand whether the blog written by you is perfectly alright for the readers or whether they are expecting something different from you.

Apart from following all of the aforementioned guidelines, you need to ensure that your blog is completely free of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.

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