Top 10 Reference Sites Not To Miss for Latest Trends from Digital World
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Top 10 Reference Sites Not To Miss for Latest Trends from Digital World

By Mainak Biswas August 25, 2014 - 2,686 views

With the growth of smartphones, tablets and other personal digital equipment users, marketers are devising innovative ways to reach their target audiences. The trends in digital marketing change with technological advancement and consumer behavior. Marketing through explainer video with a street level interaction with target customers for enhanced engagement is going to be the leading way of digital marketing.

Marketers will increasingly engage in cross-screen marketing to cater to the audience present on multiple screens like smartphones, tablet, game consoles, wearable technology, laptops and PCs. Brands with retail stores are pushing location-based marketing to target their customers through GPS technology integrated with demographic characteristics.

Furthermore, tightly focused content aka content marketing is going to be fine-tuned further to deliver content relevant to the individual customer. There are many websites that are offering the latest development in the world of digital marketing for consumption by entrepreneurs, businesses and marketers.

Following are the top 10 reference sites trending in the latest updates in digital marketing:


    It is one of the leading websites that guides you through the nuances of digital marketing and e-commerce. With award-winning market research reports and statistics in market data, best practices, supplier selection and support services like e-learning, case studies and expert guide, E-consultancy has a lot to offer you as a small business entrepreneur or an enterprise.

    Over 250,000 subscribers of E-consultancy also include giants like Microsoft, BBC, IBM, Dell and Sony. Their best practices guide includes topics like SEO, online retail, email marketing, social media etc.  Besides that, E-consultancy takes pride in its market-tested template files for online brand analysis and request for proposal. Social events and analyst-led roundtable conferences feeding you the emerging digital trends are added benefits offered through its subscription.


    TechCrunch is an amazing platform for news updates from start-ups, mobile, gadgets, enterprise and social media networks. TechCrunch has made its presence felt across the world by organizing worldwide symposiums conducted by eminent speakers from the industry.  TCTV is an exciting video section of this technology driven website with sub-segments like TCTV News, Fly or Die and Foundation.

    TCTV news includes breaking news from start ups, interviews and product demonstration videos. Fly or Die section reviews latest gadgets and products. On the other hand, Foundation segment includes in-depth interviews of entrepreneurs. Another thrilling section of the website is Crunchbase. Crunchbase is one of the world’s most comprehensive dataset of start-up companies with thousands of contributors giving you the latest information about what’s making the news.


    As the name says, this website has it all what an entrepreneur seeks for. The most prolific thing about it is that there is detailed classification of content catering to different subjects like leadership, growth and strategy, marketing, technology, social media, finance, entrepreneurs, franchise, starting a business and so on.

    For instance, in the social media section, you can selectively get the news from a particular social network like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter etc. Similarly, the marketing section contains updates from the advertising world, branding, customer service, market research, online marketing and SEO tactics. This website shares content from eminent contributors to the likes of managers and web designers.


    This New York headquartered website providing news and information from a variety of subjects has become very popular over the years. Its 34 million unique monthly visitors testify the fact. It covers essential updates from leading social media platforms, technological updates including software, mobile applications, website development and design to latest gadgets and mobiles.

    Besides that, it covers news from business world including advertising, hiring workers, marketing, small businesses and start-ups. Adding to it is the entertainment and world news section that makes it a versatile site for its visitors. Another good thing about this website is its quick display interface like Google search. As soon as you point your cursor to a section, the latest articles from the section are displayed.

  5. Social Media Examiner

    This website is dedicated to help the businesses to gain insights into social media marketing. It feeds the visitors with comprehensive articles from experts, case studies, interviews and industry research. It is also famous for its podcast show on social media marketing that ranks in the top 10 marketing podcast on iTunes.

    Apart from that, the website hosts both offline and online conference on social media. Its Social Media Marketing Networking Club on LinkedIn is renowned for the level of interaction its garners. Another distinguishing aspect of social media examiner is its online magazine called My Kids’ Adventure that publishes content guiding the busy parents to plan various adventurous activities for their children.

  6. Content Marketing Institute

    Content marketing institute focuses on the various aspects of content marketing strategies to help small businesses and start-ups. It is great for marketers who are looking for a content strategy. Loaded with multiple examples of content marketing, this website helps you out for getting better results in your campaign. It emphasizes on the use of visual content to attract target consumers.

    What’s more, it conducts online training sessions, webinars and events and provides consulting services through its expert panel.  Its flagship quarterly print and digital magazine is dedicated to the latest from content marketing world that helps the global content marketers with new publishing skills that can be applied to their own organization.

  7. CopyBlogger

    The CopyBlogger homepage is uploaded with an explainer video that fully explains the potential of this website to help its subscribers. CopyBlogger is the leading website that educates the people for valuable content writing. Though CopyBlogger posts 5-6 articles a week but they are powerful and high in quality.

    Besides that, it has published 16 high-impact ebooks on content marketing, SEO, email marketing, keyword research, landing pages and a lot more. A 20-part marketing course fully guides you through the process of online content strategy. It also conducts seminars and webinars that help the marketers to improve traffic to their blogs and increase conversion rates. Their online forum is an active place for discussion on real-time issues faced by the content marketers.

  8. Smashing Magazine

    Beating the clutter is this unique website that caters to professional web designers and developers by delivering best practices and useful techniques in web design. It has coding content related to CSS, HTML and Javascript. On the web design front, it posts relevant content on web design tools, typography, aspiring students and start-ups.

    The website has articles on responsive web design and mobile applications; graphics include photoshop and fireworks. It helps the designers with UX design including usability, user experience, UI design and a guide to build an efficient e-commerce website. Smashing magazine has also published resourceful books on topics like mobile web, digital adaptation, web design and are available in both print and ebook form.

  9. KissMetrics

    KissMetrics is a person-based analytics platform that helps you to make informed decisions for your business. It not only gathers data but connects you to your customers. KissMetrics funnel grabs a list of all people who didn’t make it to the next step of your website.

    You can individually reach all such people and know their reason for abandoning you. You often observe change in customer behavior. KissMetrics cohorts tell you which customers have changed their decision and how long does it take them to do so. It also gives you the history of the customer on your website including their personal details, purchase history, products they like and so on.

  10. Search Engine Land

    Search Engine Land gives you all the information that you need for search engine optimization and search engine marketing. So whether it is Google Ad words, paid search, you will get a comprehensive guide to all your queries. Social media marketing is ambit covered by Search Engine Land.

    It also helps you with setting up of local business on Google and the steps to be taken to reach out to your customers. Besides that, they have an interesting buyer’s guide and a library that categorically archives everything they post.

The websites listed above are worth visiting especially when knowing your online customers and reaching them is critical for your marketing goals.  Moreover, it keeps you posted with the latest news from the world of digital marketing. So whether you are a start-up company or running a small business, they’ll help you with the nitty-gritty of pulling customers for both your online & offline business.

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